Jun 8, 2008

Nation was rich, not anymore...

Federal government promised before that there will be no fuel price hikes till august. The increase of petrol and diesel prices extremely affects the middle income and lowest income Malaysian citizen. This obviously a big threat to ‘Rakyat’ by ruling government. They suffered a lot yet it’s another bad news to them. Changes in fuel prices for sure give huge impact on their living cost. Again the poorest will suffer the most. We will soon witness spiraling cost of food, a issue the government has failed to address adequately. In addition the sharp rise on Wednesday should have been avoided if the government is a caring one. It should have been made gradually to ease the burden on the 'Rakyat'. Where has PETRONAS earnings gone? What’s the rationality for government to raise the fuel price? Can their excuses been accepted?

Price in several fuel producing nations:
Nation Price/liter (RM)
Egypt -1.03
Iran -0.38
Kuwait -0.67
Nigeria -0.32
Qatar -0.68
Saudi Arabia -0.38
Turkmenistan -0.25
United Arab Emirates -1.19
Venezuela -0.16

The infos that I stated might have changed, but we can compare price per liter of fuel. Its clearly shows that how expensive is fuel in our country. The price before- (RM1.92) also unacceptable, and now petrol price increased RM0.78 to RM2.70 which more irrelevant to Malaysians.
40.6 % and 63.3% increase in pump petrol price and diesel price respectively, there have been never in this world that a countries government raising their fuel price till this level. More rallies and protests were held in several locations throughout the nation since Wednesday to protest against the sharp rise in fuel prices. For sure in future, there will be more rallies.

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