Jun 14, 2008



Malaysia is a blessed country with much natural resource like rubber, tin, petroleum, fishes and others. Why we are not utilizing them and make benefits of them for the good of society? Sometimes, I would think that why so many youngsters leave Malaysia and go abroad to work. Of course, the most attractive factor is money, living environment and safety. I know that at past our money currency was almost equivalent with Singapore. But looking at our current currency, we are much lower than Singapore, Euro, Australian and others major countries currency.


I'm not a financial expert who has the right comment and analyze on our Malaysia Ringgit performance. But I notice that our Ringgit is much decrease in value. But I don't think we need to be a financial expert to realise that our ringgit's value is decreasing.
Nowadays, by just reading the newspaper and watching TV news, mostly it was related to political news. Well, I admit that most of the Malaysian are shocked to the past election news. The most important thing is how to improve the quality of life of Malaysians despite the sharp increase of fuel price. I really don’t see how these issues were handled carefully in the past. I believe that some people would agree with me. We always know how to compare with others countries, but correct me if I am wrong that the comparison made was always with poorer performance countries. I don’t really understand this. Why we don’t want to improve our nation by comparing to the developing countries? We had already achieved independence more than 50 years. Please do not always feel satisfied with what we have achieved nowadays because there is still much room to improve.

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