Jul 21, 2008

70% of Malaysians family affected - Do not increase petrol price anymore!

We shall not allows further increase of the petrol price in which results the further dipping of the country economies. In view of more than 70 percent of the average families in Malaysia whose income is less than RM 5,000, how can they survive while the pricing of the daily use items had jacked up due to this?

Higher petrol price means heavier burden for the people. The reduction of subsidy and the hike of petrol of 60% at RM2.70 per litre and the subsequent increase in prices of goods have put a strain on the people. To introduce subsidy is easy, but to abolish it difficult. Subsidy is to help truly poor people to be self-sufficient gradually. The recent reduction in subsidy and the increase in petrol price by 60% make life very tough. At present, the downturn in the economy and the decrease in the income of people make people nervous. The long queues at post offices to claim rebates reflect the situation.

The Government insists that it is using the levy of profits from the price hike, amounting to RM13.7 billion, to help poor people. In this unusual period, the Government needs to look after the people more. Besides saving energy, reducing wastage, increasing efficiency and using public fund more productively, the Government must ensure that there is no further increase in petrol price.

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