Jul 21, 2008

Poll Results

Who do you think delivered well in the debate?

Anwar Ibrahim - 57 (86%)
Ahmad Shabery Cheek - 6 (9%)
Both - 1 (1%)
No one-2 (3%)
Votes so far: 66
Poll closed

A total of 66 participated in the 48-hour Malaysiansunited poll on debate between opposition stalwart Anwar Ibrahim and Information Minister Shabery Cheek.

Its clearly shows that Anwar get the higher votes compare to Shabery. Anwar voted by 56 votes out of 66, its almost 86% compare to Shabery voted 6 out of 66 (9%). 1 vote voted for both debater and 2 for no one.

In my opinion, Malaysian voted against the sharp rise of fuel price and absolutely not for the leaders. Government must accept the Anwar challenge and must find proper solutions to overcome the problem that peoples facing today. Poverty rate badly rising in number each day. Rising in fuel price mean the peoples burden increased. Hope in future there will be no fuel price hike announces by government.

Thanks for the votes!


Satish Sran said...

i saw d debate twice...so obvious anwar won

Raaja said...

yeah,,,anwar rocks

Thiruvarasan said...

Anwar created his own history in Malaysia. his power of speech is undeniable. "Anwar the next PM" Hidup Anwar!

Vj said...

There is only one man can debate with anwar i guess...mahathir.

Malar Arasi said...

Of course anwar was the man of the day... Anwar was debating like in the real president debate while shabery was debating like a small kid where kept on attacking other private and personal matters... The debate was great but the only sad thing was when the gov declare that shabery was the winner

vasantarao appalasamy said...

@thiruvarasan- yea, Anwar had created his own identity in Malaysians heart after the debate..

@vj- i think even Mahathir unable to compete wit Anwar...

@malar arasi- government declared Shabery as winner was to avoid him from resigning as information minister as he promised... nothing other that that..