Jul 15, 2008

Marvelous Debater - Anwar Ibrahim or Ahmad Shabery?

Anwar looked cool at the event. Ahmad Shabery's posture was to be the "protector" of Petronas. But Anwar made it clear he wasn't attacking Petronas and, in fact, lauded its achievements. That left Ahmad Shabery with making personal and barbed remarks about Anwar's rebellious history. The televised debate brought a balanced, cool, intelligent, articulate and persuasive Anwar into the living rooms of all M'sians. Here was the "monster", the "Devil incarnate". But, guess what? He had no horns. He was not spewing smoke and flames. Instead he was cool as a cucumber. He had a boyish smile. He looked charismatic. Given that he has an appointment with the police tomorrow based on the sodomy charge, Anwar's poise made him the winner tonight. It's my opinion anyway. It doesn’t mean that I am supporting any political party by delivering such opinion. Judge yourself on the 1 hour debate and do vote in the poll that I have created.


LORD said...

i will certainly agree with u vasan that Anwar was brilliant with his charismatic smile and all his straight to the point speech. he started off with a bang and brought up many interesting things and all shabery cud do was repeat again and again that the oil price increase is a global issue.does he think we "Rakyat" do not know that??? the debate was meant for how to reduce the price and Anwar had a tactic but shabery was just trying to defend the governments move and it failed badly! when he knew he had lost he started attacking Anwar and brought back issues of 1974 which Anwar inreturn said that Shabery is still feeling the fever of that period and even resulted to putting his hand on his forehead to show a feverish sign!!that had me in fits of laughter! Anwar made his point clear that he is not against Petronas's profit but these UMNO men just dont get it. to cap it all up Shabery's "wakil" a VC from UUM was even more pathetic and i had a tough time choosing who was worse between both of em. When told to ask a question to Anwar he started bragging bot sum Petronas crap and was asking Anwar his opinion in which Anwar asked where is the question which left the "Wakil" red faced!! Again i was in a fit of laughter!!!

Finally i see Malaysian politics becoming a little more sophisticated and intellectual but i hope the next time they have a Debate the audience will be neutral and not one half Anwar fans and another Shabery fans!

vasantarao appalasamy said...

yea lord..
hope in future such debates will organised..

Satish said...

only 1 debater 4 me...it was anwar..he pro orator wei..shabery was juz bn's best offer 2 him..which was juz not good enough