Jul 17, 2008

Obama's Links in Malaysia

Barack Hussein Obama , a man who has captured the imagination of millions around the world. The supreme white racists, I mean the white supremacists, will try to everything they can to knock him off before the election in November but it looks like it is Obama's destiny to be the US first black president. Here's a little story about Barack Obama and his Malaysian connection. His brother in law, Konrad Ng, 34, is a Canadian born Chinese. His wife is Maya Soetoro - the step sister of Obama, whose father is an Indonesian. Maya, a Buddhist, is now a teacher in Hawaii, with Ng, who is an assistant professor at the University of Hawaii.

Here's the Malaysian link - Konrad's father, Howard, migrated to Burlington, Ontario, from Malaysia. He is now a retired scientist who lives with his wife, Joan, in the little Canadian town. Both Konrad and Maya campaigned for Obama during the campaign trail for the Asian votes. The couple has been telling voters that Obama, with his family links, has been the most multi-racial American presidential candidate.

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