Jul 7, 2008

Smart School... The main Challenges

Malaysia intends to transform its educational system, in line with and in the support of the nations drive to fulfill vision 2020. The smart school project is one of the main development to support Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC).
To be a smart school, consider th
e following challenges:
  1. Leadership is the key ingredient; school management must be committed to education system on the idea of Smart School.
  2. The technological infrastructure is more than enough to replace the traditional way of teaching and learning.
  3. Schools are supposed to have enough technical expertise to maintain the ICT infrastructure.
  4. Teachers need more training on ICT programs than the students. It’s important to ensure teachers capability to deliver their curriculum. ICT facilities accessible to the school community even when the school is not in session, thus students able to explore their studies at all the time.
  5. Educators create enough digital contents for used in new learning environment. At the same time, connectivity stable enough to support information anytime and anywhere so that teaching and learning is not just confine to the four walls of the classroom. It must be a teaching and learning community that extends beyond the traditional school walls.

At the same time, it’s not all about equipments. China and India students have some of the worst equipment I have ever seen but their abilities are just amazing. Frankly, I see a lot of poor rural parents know the importance of education. What they lack is proper educational influence and role-model. They are surrounded by poorness in everything and expectation of them. So with the first-class equipment there are no reasons for students to be unsuccessful in their studies. I’m sure I will do my part as a future teacher by accept the teachers challenges to help creating the smart schools. The teachers must fully utilise the Technology Infrastructure and capable of
delivering to the students in
best method.



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