Jul 4, 2008


It won't take too long before the number of students in private colleges and universities (IPTS) in Malaysia outnumbers those in the public universities. The ratio is approaching 1:1, according to a recent Star report. What are some of the implications? What are some of the challenges? Is it creating a huge impact on national education standard? How about job opportunities?

With as many students entering IPTS compared to the IPTA importance will only grow and will have a big impact on the job generate potential in the education sector the skill levels of the work force and the research activities in our universities.

There are another layer of IPTS who don't have research aspirations but will be known for offering good facilities, courses and teaching. In addition, I suspect that there will also be some specialized IPTS which focus on certain types of courses – design (LimKokWing) or IT (Informatics). And then there will be a scattering of smaller IPTS which offer 'value for money' courses. These colleges have been growing rapidly since decades ago.

There will be a different in the quality and reputation of private colleges and universities. In fact some of this is already happening. There will emerge a handful of IPTS which will challenge the IPTA as research universities. Sunway Monash and Nottingham are obvious candidates. There will be other 'home grown' IPTS which will want to or be pushed to the direction of being research universities. This is another good move by private colleges and universities to competing each other in various sectors.

But there are also many concern associated with the rapid development of the IPTS, including: Generally, I think the quality of lecturers must be equal standard with IPTA. The types of courses being offered are commercially viable. The growing number of foreign students is the problems associated with this are above the limit.

The development of the IPTS has more positives than negatives, in my opinion. It provides another avenue of job creation for the country, it gives different options to Malaysians who want to earn a degree, it earns foreign exchange for the country and it can contribute towards human capital development as nations agenda that we searching for.



Suresh said...

those were the days when IPTA overshadowed IPTS...but nowadays it is the IPTS that is getting all the glory. students are finding that IPTS is a better destination to pursue their tertiary education.It is cheap(in some IPTS),has good facilities,doesnt follow any quota and is fully meritocracy based,has better job opportunities with the introduction of lifelong learning and soft skills.students are taught to be more dynamic and not just be the typical malaysian that only knows his trade. i will clearly recommend anyone to go to an IPTS if they can afford it.

SiVa ChAnRu said...

Well it is really a easy equation why IPTA student will be outnumbered by IPTS student. When you have quata system that enable Malays's who are not qualified are taken into the IPTA and the qualified student from other race are not taken. IPTS does not see which race are you from, they see what result you got. So I guess IPTS is a really good choice.

Makkez said...

After the deterioration of IPTA's ranking worldwide, the number of students enrolling in IPTS seems to be increasing.

Anyway, both IPTA and IPTS have their own pros and cons. Got money? Go for IPTS. No money? Study hard and get your place in IPTA. Got money but doesn't wanna spend it? Again, study hard and get your place in IPTA.

Vj said...

I feel IPTS is better choice nowdays compare to IPTA. In terms of quality education IPTS is my choice. Not only that, even the lectures are more qualified. Why I am telling this is base on my own exp. I did my degree in IPTA and just imagine one of my batch mate with no credit in chemistry, physics and biology can do degree in chemical engineering. And a lecturer with Phd can't speak english. Hahaha! This is true story.

So I think such things don't happen in recognized IPTS. ;)

Anonymous said...

IPTA is looking to fulfill Bumi's quota, while IPTS is looking to gain some money... Both got pro and con...

But nowadays, people prefer to choose IPTS because alot of specific courses is not offerred in IPTA, and most of the syllabus is out dated.

Year by year the intake shrinking...

Just to share a statistic, this year USM's intake is 2700 student... Only 50+ of them are Indian...

Do you think IPTA applying Meritocracy system in student intake? i dont think so...

< naga > said...

"Generally, I think the quality of lecturers must be equal standard with IPTA."

Sorry to break your heart bro, but public university standards are nowhere near to private ones. Private colleges want your money? That's because they offer good education in return.

I don't want to be cause any misery here, but sadly no public university degree will get you a job overseas, not even Singapore. You will need to do a masters somewhere else before you can go overseas.

Back to topic, give me private college anytime. Transparency in intake, meritocracy system, no racial issues, no islamisation at universities and I would rather pay more to get all these.

Saran said...

yea..thats really a nice topic to DISCUSS AND UNDERSTAND nowdays.. with more increase in number of IPTS and number of student choosing to enter IPTS INCREASING each year..
--y student choose to enter IPTS:
1) IPTS offer courses without seeing race and there is no quota according to race..even nowdays goverment is telling they offer with students grade and marks in examiniation but y still student with good grades not getting place in IPTA?..
2) LECTURERS in IPTS are more experienced than IPTA. Thats happen with very low salary and their talents and experiance is not recognised by goverment. thats makes them to change to IPTS.( THATS HAPPENS....)and many lecturers in IPTA are fresh graduates and they are really new to teaching field.
3) IPTS have more convinient compare to IPTA. coz IPTS nowdays are located all over in malaysia and and easy for student not to go far to study expecially with limited numbers of IPTA.
4) Even though the courses and syllabus is good but i cant deny that there is some syllabus thats really not relevant for current situation and IPTS are offering it.
5) Now facilities in IPTS are equally good as IPTA. With high tech labs to very big classrooms and good facilities.
with considering all this i think is always better to enter IPTS. I DIDNT MEANT THAT IPTA IS NOT GOOD...AS ONE OF THE FRIEND MENTION BELOW IF U HV NO MONEY U GO AFTER IPTA..but my advice is not always depend to IPTA COZ u wil hv the same degree as a goverment student could hv, in future.
thanks for allowing me to gove a opinion.