Jul 1, 2008

Dr M's Idol

Mahatma Gandhi: A peace-loving person

When a Malaysian singer Salamiah Hassan was asked what she would like to reborn if given the second opportunity her reply was, "I would choose to born as Mahatma Gandhi because he is peace loving person." What a noble choice of the singer. I really respected her answer. The almost same question asked to Tun Dr Mahathir

Compare this to Mahathir’s choice of an idol. Not for him Mahatma Gandhi, Lincoln, or Mandela. He was on record as having said that his idol is Bollywood star Sharukh Khan. SK’s song and dance consists mainly of chasing some buxom damsel round flower beds and trees in a park. Wonder if Dr M envies SK. He should never even imagine himself chasing a damsel round trees and playing hide and seek, given his heart condition. It would indeed be life threatening.

SK is one of 150 million Muslims, happy, peace and prosperous in secular nation India. Wonder Dr M envies freedom that SK enjoys in India. Sharukh Khan’s wife, Gauri is a Hindu and his two children are brought up as Hindus. Possibly, Dr M in his heart, hope that one day Malaysia will be liberal, cultured and civilized enough to grant its citizens free choice of religion as guaranteed in Malaysian Constitution.

When SK was asked about the possibility of his entering politics world, he replied, “I am not interested in selfless work.” Perhaps, after all, SK and Dr M have something common. Think about it!


Name : Townguy said...

you doing very good job bro , i read your comment in "Wired" blog ,
im impressed with you passion towards indian society , what a nobel thinking . Ondre pattal valve , pirivu pattal vilve.

nirro said...

interesting question u hv here to crack up my thinking cells.hehe!. great paasion u hv for malaysia. good good!like ur spirit! keep it up!