Jun 30, 2008

Turn off The TV! But Are All TV Programmes Useless?

We are watching too much TV. We waste our precious time by watching many channels that broadcast a variety of propaganda, self dreams and illusions. Bombarded with thousands of images daily as they sit passively in front of the television set, TV is the mother of inner battles in all human beings. It is slowly killing the mental capacity of our future generation to sustain reading. An uncritical mind is a productive ground for mental colonisation. Print and broadcast media are powerful tools of propaganda. While many Malaysian parents struggle to have their children read well so that they may not be continuously confused and brain dead, TV is producing more and more programmes that making children have four eyes.

Bollywood is an industry. Malaysians especially have been conditioned to love Hindustani movies because they have been around since the early days. Many Malaysians are of the south Indian stock, and therefore Bollywood helps Malaysians get stoned glued to such programmes in the modern age.

Finally, I would like to state that the live telecast of the Malaysian parliamentary debates is good for the nation. Political accountability can contribute to higher levels of civic consciousness. Our elected representatives are presenting their credibility by debating on the major issues . It will be a good way to educate Malaysians, especially the younger generation of the political process, participatory democracy, ethics of politics, intellect, and of powerful expressions. I hope this is the first step to the promising world of high-quality TV programmes.


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< naga > said...

Hmm.. everyone should watch any program or movie with an open mind, or rather a thinking mind. Unfortunately none of Tamil movies offers this, while in Hindi only a handful offers this.

The problem is that, especially with our TV (ASTRO mainly I guess) the serials and movies are so straight forward and like you said "conditioning". Take any Tamil movie for example, you will not have Tamil movies (and most Hindi movies for that matter) without singing around the trees and dancing in the rain. Condition: Love. And that's why you see our guys drinking and girls slitting their wrists upon so-called love failure. And when you have heroes fighting 20 guys in one hand, and saying ludicrous punch dialogues our children loose the ability to question logic.

I am not an advocate of English movies either. Anything which has monster or ghost or any of these sort I avoid, simply because they degrade my thinking ability.

You see, movies on their own aren't bad. Its just how we relate to them. But as for kids who are growing up and whose thinking ability aren't fully developed yet, they should be introduced to movies little by little, hoping that they would someday be mature enough to choose their own taste in movies.