Oct 10, 2008

Malaysia Out Again

According to malaysiakini, our universities have again failed to make it into the list of the top 200 Universities in the world. The Times Higher Education - QS World University Rankings identified these to be the world's top 100 universities in 2008. These institutions represent 20 countries with Israel represented for the first time. Whilst North America dominates with 42 universities, Europe and Asia Pacific are well represented with 36 and 22 respectively. View the top 200 Universities here.

It’s a second blow to Malaysia after failing to reduce the corruption rate. Two weeks ago, Malaysia’s ranking on the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index 2008 plunged to No. 47 placing, a fall of ten places from No. 37 in 2007.

Let me go back to the past, two years ago UKM was ranked 185th, the only time it appeared in the THES-QS chart. UM, once the nation’s premier university, has a sorry tale of continuous decline. It was ranked among the world’s top 100 universities in 2004 at 89th position; fell to 169th in 2005 and 192nd placing in 2006. And now I don’t know where their quality and ranking has gone.

If Australia can have seven universities among the top 100 Universities, Japan four, Hong Kong three, Singapore two, China two and South Korea two, why can’t Malaysia have at least one or two among the Top 100? National University of Singapore is ranked No. 30, while Nanyang Technological University of Singapore No. 77. What must be more mortifying is Thailand’s Chulalongkorn University is ranked No. 166. It is most ridiculous for instance that University of Malaya, unranked, refuses to recognize the degrees of Beijing University, ranked No. 50 Tsing Hua University ranked No. 56 in THES 2008 ranking of the world’s Top 200 universities.

Our leaders must find solution for this problem. They must look for a brand new education revolution and not end up as another empty promise like so far they did; the government must tackle and resolve the continuing crisis of higher education standards immediately.



Jeya said...

In Singapore, new lecturers are on contract basis, 2-3 years. Important Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are research findings, papers etc.. international journal papers most prized. If you dont perform, out you go, everything is based on KPI.
But they are paid well. Lecturers will then be too stressed out on these to keep their job than play politics… but these are what academics supposed to be; research, educate, research. Politics gets you nowhere. And these are what that boost their rankings.

izzat said...

the things that been highlighted last time when the UM, UKM and etc ranking dropped, they said the evaluation is based on research which means more research gains more point of evaluation and at the same time increase the rank. but what they do? the rank even drop! its shame when malaysia ridiculously refueses to recognise the degree from other universities which much more higher in term of world ranking. what type of education system we had just now? this is what they have to explore more.

Even the first apex university, USM also didn't improved in term of rank but even dropped! so, what we wanna say more? open ur eyes bigger. where are we?

Anonymous said...

Our varsities gone into 'black hole'

vasantarao appalasamy said...

@Jeya - well said bro, that's why Singapore's education standard is increasing..

@Izzat - I think the our system equals to third class nation in the world...