Oct 9, 2008

We Able to Help Them!

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I get the paper cutting from my friend- http://rujjcoomarh.blogspot.com/. The disappointing incident occurred in Sitiawan, Perak last week. Three girls lost their only hope, when their mother committed suicide due to financial crisis in the family. The eldest daughter is doing her fifth year medicine in Ukraine, the second studying in a private college in KL, while the last daughter studying in a Tamil school in their hometown. Please help them to further their studies. In a year time the eldest daughter; (Sathia Devi) will be graduate as a doctor. We sure don’t want to lose a doctor in our community. So I am very confident that we able to help Sathia and her sisters to further their studies. Here is the Sathia’s account number and the phone number is for verification.

BSN account number: 0880029000063724 (Sathia Devi Subramaniam)

H/P: 017: 2563821

It is the privilege of arms to protect the weak and helpless- Mahatma Gandhi

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