Oct 19, 2008

Poll Results

The teaching of Mathematics and Science in English was controversial when Ministry of Education (MOE) introduced five years ago, and it is still a hot topic to discuss untill today. In order to get some reaction from the Malaysian, I have created a poll to get know what is actually in their mind. A total of 138 voted in the poll on whether Mathematics and science should continued to teach in English.

Based on the results, we can see 127 out of 138 voted that the subjects should be continued in English. It almost 92% agreed that the education system in Malaysia is in the right path to uplift its standard. And there are small number of them voted that government should stop the policy and go back to the previous system which the subjects thought in National language, the only subject in English is English itself. 11 or (7%) of voters want the important to be given on mother tongue.

In my opinion, most Malaysian realised the important of English as International language for us to compete with other progressing nation. They made a right choice. to the betterment of our future. Emphasis must be given on English, it does not mean that we are not respecting national language or mother tongue as English is realy assisting a lot in the future of Malaysians. I am particularly concerned that the government is considering changing the teaching of Mathematics and Science from English to national language and mother tongue.

I always believed that the government made the right decision to change the teaching of these two subjects to English back in 2003 and we should not make a U-turn now. Therefore, I call upon all parents who love their children to all rises up and oppose the move to revert to teaching mathematics and science in mother tongue. The government and the ethnic based groups must stop gamble with our student’s future. Continue to teach in English is a prove that we are in the right direction to improve our quality in education system.

Thanks for the votes!


Geetha said...

Me too voted! Good job Vasan, keep creat such pool.

Hakim said...

i still stick with Bahasa melayu.. We cant deny the important of BM to unite the Malaysian under one flag

malarvili_s said...

EXCELLENT vasan...keep on :)

As a future Maths teacher, I think teaching and learning Maths & science should be in English. English is a global language and we can produce an intellect generation to our nation.

vasantarao appalasamy said...

@geethe - thnks for the vote!

@hakim - I think the emphasis on English wont effect Bahasa Melayu

@malarvili_s - Good Morning Miss Malar.... yes are absolutely correct..

Brian Barker said...

Because English is not acceptable at an international level, due to the accusation of "linguistic imperialism", I would recommend a look at the the new global language Esperanto.

You can see a glimpse of this on http://www.lernu.net

Satish said...

I also feel it should stay in English..

The stupid thing is, after only 5 years of implementation, their already thinking of changing!!

5 years is not even completing primary school..you can't get fast results for these sort of things.

It should be developed throughout a full education cycle...meaning kindergarten, primary school, secondary school & university..

Only then we will see the real results of how the change in the education system has helped local graduates to work in the real world.