Dec 2, 2008

Seal The Tamil Schools (Vernacular Schools) With Conditions (Part Two)

Before I start writing on this issue again, I know that there will be a group of people to attack my view. I welcome them to discuss but no personal attacks please. Let us make a healthy discussion in order to exchange our view to create a better Malaysia. In my first part of this post, I have only written about the significant obstacle to form the one education system is the different dialects of Malaysians. If the demand of vernaculars fulfilled, then the forming of one national school will be easier. So, make the Tamil and Mandarin as compulsory subject to Indian and Chinese students. Read my first part- Seal The Tamil Schools With A Condition (Part One)

I become more interested to write about second part of this issue after Jerlun MP Mukriz released statement that the vernacular schools must be closed down. (malaysiakini) He was of the opinion that the disunity in the community arose from the different education system and proposed that a single education system is implemented to foster greater unity. I’m glad to hear that young leader like Mukhriz has such a good thought. Yes, he is true at this point.

Mukriz’s suggestion to close down vernacular schools is only welcomed by some Malaysian. It’s because most of the Malaysian fearing that their identity and dialect may lost due to the one education system. Before that, there are few things to emphasis on and needed to reform before new education system introduced.

Please allay the fear on Malays by removing ketuanan melayu ideology. It can be done by restructuring the syllabus stated that everyone has equal rights in Malaysia. Eradicate the policies in schools that only favour to one group students. Mara should open to all Malaysian regardless of race and religion. The universities and government job intakes must be given on merit not by quota system or based on the race or religion.

Some parents are worrying that their children will be a victim of racial abuse in national schools. This excuse are acceptable, there are numerous cases that highlighting our local dailies that shows the teachers misbehave to the non-Malays students. In such cases, the teacher that inciting racial sentiments in class should be suspended; education ministry must take firm action on these teachers.

Muslim students in primary and secondary schools attend compulsory Islamic-studies classes several times a week, while non-Muslim students are divided out to study secular-based morals. As results, non-Muslim student never get the opportunity to increase their awareness in their own religion. Let the students from various religions and believes attend their own religious classes.

The role of vernacular schools are undeniable, however the schools are not relevant for current and future Malaysia. As we know the gaps between races are far more worrying. We must bring one system which only with national schools. This will make our education system become competent. All races combined in National schools striving towards one direction and vision with unity guaranteed.

Yes, it's a great effort to unite all Malaysian under one education system. This system even supported by Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam, few other NGO leaders and politicians. We Malaysian should think rationally and look the reformation in positive factors. It’s doesn’t matter if the suggestions comes from UMNO, MCA, PAS, PKR, DAP or others, as long as it bring unity among the peoples of Malaysia and generate a competent education system.


Totalcare said...

The primary school (vernacular school) is not the main problem to make Malaysian disunity. The main problem making us not united is political party and politician leader, they are the once who create all this problem.

This Verncular school is very important for us to master in Mandirin, and for Tamil language. so that we can communicate worldwide.

I hope this politician should open his eyes. Stop politic school system.

They should look more important how to overcome this disunity. Take action to all politian leader who try to make racist remarks.

Totalcare said...

Please stop to blame the education system for the disunity of malaysian.

The main is politician it self need to change.

Totalcare said...

Why this leader so narrow minded, they should let Malaysian learn more by sending their children to these verncular school. coz they can learn more than one language beside B.Malaysia.

See the world, if you only now B.M can you do business with foreign people from Europe, China, or india.

if we didn't learn other language, only this leader kids able to do all this trade. We will loose forever.

vasantarao appalasamy said...

Mr Totalcare,
please read what i have wrote again... I think you did not get what i mean...

malaysia is now more emphasizing on English than BM, it's proven when there are several reformation on the subjects...

Suresh Kumar said...

Nice one bro

Satish said...

Hmm..ths is a very controversial issue.

On one hand we have vernacular schools that do hinder national unity a bit..but aren't doing too bad either.

..but I personally put the blame more on the politicians for hindering racial unity...such as Ahmad Ismail, Tajuddin, and many others.

Politicians fight more with each other than the people. I don't see Malaysians fighting like hell on the road. Whereas politicicans fight like hell everywhere.

Then we have national schools which have their own problems. I just left school last year..and racial polarisation theree itself is so obvious.

You enter class itself you'll see the Malays, Chinese and Indians sitting at different corners of the classrooms.

Teachers hardly enter class and some of them are always pregnant and are absent for months.

Then we have the education system. EST is a useless subject. Moral is good but taught wrongly (memorising 36 nilai's word for word...for what??)

...70% of form 4 sejarah is Islamic studies. What are non-Muslim students learning that for ?

Did you know that during our parent's time, they learnt real sejarah..they learnt the history of the world...whereas our sejarah doesn't go outside Asia Tenggara.

The bottomline is, before we shut down vernacular schools, national schools & the education system must be improved tremendously first...just my opinion la.

balan said...

Singaporeans go to the same school, why can't we?

Do read my take on this issue at

townguy said...

i like to disuse controversial issues , and this is the rite time to talk about this issue .

Malays like mukris know that , putting everyone in malay schools is the only way to make others forget their own language and identity and follow "ketuanan melayu" , easy as that .

Vj said...

I don't agree with closing Tamil school suggestion, unless Singapore gov rule Malaysia. Then everybody will have fair access to their culture and language...a real meritocracy system.

Our schools nowadays have become Islamic school than a school for all Malaysians.

vasantarao appalasamy said...

100% agreed Satish...

@ VJ,
I know most of us wont agree with the suggestion, thats why I have stated few things before closing down..

please read back what I have written...

@ Balan,
you are right, we have to emulate Singaporean..