Jan 2, 2009

'Mesra, Cepat Dan Betul'?


A 27 year old Malaysian ethnic Indian has alleged that he was tortured by policemen. Prabakar claimed that police were extremely rude and cruel during the interrogation. He accused police used several types of methods to abuse him.
  • During the interrogation, police were:
  • beat him with a rubber hose
  • splashed boiling hot water on his body
  • repeatedly beaten him
  • kicked him
  • stepped-on him at least with 10 police personnel
  • uttered vulgarities
  • warned him not to show his injuries to magistrate
  • brought him to a private clinic instead government hospital
  • hung a long piece of cloth from the interrogation room ceiling and tied it around his neck while he stood on a chair. They then threatened to knock away the chair

He also accused police that involved in corruption, he said police was bribed him RM500 to not lodge report against them on the incidents. Prabakar’s 18-year-old cousin who was also picked up by police on the same day as him still missing until today. I wonder such interrogation by police reflect 'mesra, cepat dan betul' motto. Lets see how they solve this issue!



Anonymous said...

If it is true then the people responsible must be taken to task and the abuse of power must be stopped.
Probably this is one out of so many not reported.
The country should review the term of service for the police or may be we need only a short term serving policeman, say 5 years as to avoid them from thinking that as long as they are in the forces they can even get away with murder.

jonathan ong said...

Prabakar's case could be one of many unreported incidents in the country. Who knows how the police handle illegal immigrants if and when they are arrested?

If the Malaysian Police can play and act like a mafia, then what hope is there for us civilians?

Satish said...

OMG !...This is unbelievable.

What has happened to our Malaysian policemen ?

Where have their honour, pride, & dignity gone to ?

So sad la to see all these things happening in the police force.

Puravin said...

Another sad day for Malaysia:(

Anonymous said...

This is what happenes when one is a minority and poor in this country. Can one imagine what would happen if one is an illegal immigrant in custody?
Malaysia definately is one of the leading countries in abusing human rights!

Satish said...

Until today has MIC made any statements or taken action about this ??

NO!!....Not a damn thing !!