Feb 4, 2009

It is now up to Tuanku!

Silver State under Limelight again, state assembly yet to be dissolved with permission from Perak Sultan. Perak state government Pakatan Rakyat now is too weak to be a state government since several ADUN are declared themselves as independent candidate and hopped to UMNO as well. BN now owned sufficient reps to form a state government.

Previously Pakatan Rakyat has 32 seats, after Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi (PKR-Behrang), Osman Jailu (PKR-Changkat Jering), and Hee Yit Foong (DAP-Jelapang) submitted official letters to speaker V Sivakumar to express their intention to become independent representatives, PR’s position as state government is denied with no majority, current position shows- BN: 28; Pakatan: 28 and Independents: 3 seats.

Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi, Osman Jailu, Hee Yit Foong and several others with Najib

Jamaluddin and Osman are facing corruption charges in court, so it’s clear that they have planned something to save their position in Perak state government despite the mandate and believe of his voters given. It’s unfair to the people of Perak state and their constituency too. The defections tremendously effect whole governing institution of Perak. They should go back to the people before making any decision!

This is a betrayal of the highest order by the Pakatan Rakyat representatives of the trust the voters had placed on them. As voters, they may feel cheated. What a letdown? Now Sultan of Perak must decide on what going to happen in Perak. Tuanku (his highness) able to stop the political game with a fresh pool/snap election in Perak state by dissolving the state assembly.

People of Perak are waiting for Tuanku’s decision on tomorrow. They need a government that went through democracy process or election, not from defections! They sure hate seeing state government coming to power through back door. Please dissolve Perak state assembly!


Sze Jia said...

Changing government can only be done by election, that's democracy. (http://khoszejia.blogspot.com/2009/02/oh-perak.html)

Murugan (Muru) said...

First of all i would like express my gratitude and sorry to fellow perakians. I'm very sad to see your soil being robbed by some thieves who believe they have the mandate to rule you people.

But trust me, this is just the 3rd step of BN demolishing itself from mass destruction coming 13th General Election. Najib the prime-minister in waiting thinks that by having defections will see his "victory" measureable? No, Najib... You can use money to bribe, you can threat people for the offences they made and even you can promise "goodies" for the defectors.. yes You CAN!!, but remember, you will have to face the reality of general election.

At that moment the rakyat will teach you a good lesson that you will never forget till the end of your life. Collect,ransom and do whatever you can while ur in the PM seat.. because the next waiting for you is ur head itself.

U have pulled the trigger and shoot at other peoples suffering which in turn will shoot you back.. Have u heard about karma?? It definitely will haunt you till the end. Think you will be able to silence the critics and excessive scandals that you already commit?.. come on, dont be silly. Najib, its just the starting of your mass dethrone process. As for Pakatan rakyat,lets hope that the sultan gives green light for the state snap poll.

I bet you will win with a bigger seats. BN is running away from defeat, thats why Election commision favours the result to their way. In Malaysia, there is no one goverment or justice departments which have the final word or can make decision on their own.

Everything is under the point of a finger of BN and UMNO pirates. Enough of you robbing millions from the rakyats money BN. U have done nothing to overcome any crisis, just pouring cold water on the fire doesn't makes the fire to cool down.

Dirty tactics used by Najib to Visualize his political power maybe awesome to UMNO leaders, but not for the rakyat. The rakyat is really embarassed and angry with BN. A majority chinese society inperak represents by only one independant chinese mp?? come on..

Even the defecting MP have no brain. Maybe Najib offers deputy menteri besar, who knows.. nowadays money matters more than sincerety of service to rakyat. Najib, you will face the consequences of your attitude and sins...

A day will come for my words to be a reality. For those who defects to BN, well one, but please dont ever try to contest again in the upcoming elections because people will throw shoes on you because you have lost the dignity and trust of the people. For the remaining PR alliances, please keep on helping the perakians. To the sultan of perak, please make history in malaysian independance by granting snap polls. Let the rakyat decide who they wnats to be their representatives. After all they are the judge of their own land, not even you.

Thanks for publishing. Thank you very much.

Malaysian in Japan

hOcmun said...

First of all lets be fair to all parties, instead of just shooting down MPs who "betrays" PR. Because the same case happened to UMNO's MP in Perak too?

By the way, I would say if one MP wants to quit the party, then he should also let go of his/her position because he/she was contesting under the party's stands.

I think what Lim Guan Eng said few days ago was quite rational. They should resigned and be allowed to contest in the by election. The reason they were contesting using the party's fund and resources and it's unfair for everyone if they were to quit the party yet retaining their position.

my two cents.

Perakian said...

Ampun Tuanku.

I am a Malaysian and proud to be one. I believe Malaysia is and will always be my one and only home. We are blessed with the untold riches of the land. There are also numerous cultures, races and religions which would make every nation in the world envious of us.

Sadly though, all the above are being decimated at the very moment by the government, Barisan Nasional. They instigate hate and infighting amongst the people so they could rule us under their thumbs. Appalling human right abuses, lack thereof freedom of press and corruption are everywhere. If we decide to voice our grieviences and oppose what they are doing, ISA is used to "silence" us. Money that were meant for the people is siphoned away by the corrupted people of BN and were never seen again - only to be used for their own personal gains.

And the evil misdeeds of BN now continues in the current political impasse in Perak. We the people do not believe that the 4 ADUNS who turned independent and "defected" to BN (1 back to UMNO and 3 being "BN friendly independents") were doing so for the sake of the people. In fact, the motivation is money - the corrupted and dirty money BN has offered to them.

Ampun Tuanku,

In the last General Elections, the Perakians voted for a Pakatan Rakyat government. It is a message from the people that they do not want BN in their state, and they wanted a change. What BN did by "seizing" power of the Perak state is unconstitutional and uncalled for. In fact, BN does not even have the majority - both PR and BN are deadlocked with 28 seats in the State Assembly, with 3 independents. I believe, Your Highness, this is called a "hang government". Even if the 3 independents were to join BN, there is still trouble brewing - what if BN did form the Perak government, and in a few months time the same thing happens again, but this time it is BN's ADUNs? We will have another "hang government", and the same problem surfaces. Your Highness would not want to see this happening again in Perak, would you?

Ampun Tuanku,

We the people do believe that the best way to resolve this impasse is to have an state election. Let the people decide who they want to be their state government. Let the people select who they want to represent them. After all, the people elect our representatives, and not the other way around. I am assured that the people would rather have a government who they democratically voted for, not one which was created by way of force, corruption and fear.

Ampun Tuanku.

The final decision rests in your hands and the people (especially the Perakians) are hoping in your infinite wishdom that the right thing is done. We pray that Your Highness will do what is just and right in confirmity with the Malaysian consitutution and defend what is rightfully belongs to the people


jonathan ong said...

Party-hopping is unethical. It is no different than lying to the voters and decide one day to 'hop' to another party.


Anonymous said...

true bro!

BN are betrayers!

Anonymous said...

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