Feb 5, 2009

I will not Surprise if ISA used Against Pakatan Rakyat Top Leaders After This

Malaysiakini reported that Perak Menteri Besar, Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin refuse to resign as Perak government head, he claims that the three ADUN from PR that have defected and declared them as independent candidates are not valid. He furthermore wants a fresh snap poll but Sultan of Perak refused to dissolve state assembly.

At the same, Pakatan Rakyat will be organising a mammoth rally in Perak tonight, I won’t surprised if their top leaders arrested under ISA. Barisan Nasional will give reason that security of nation is under threat. They will accuse Pakatan leaders are not loyal to Perak Sultan by showing disrespect to his majesty’s decision.

I sincerely hope that Pakatan leaders are not in hurry to make verdicts that will affect them and peoples of Perak as well. This conflict is involving Sultan of Perak, so Barisan Nasional will take this as opportunity to put you behind the bar. They may give justification that Pakatan leaders are showing disloyal to Sultan and challenging his majesty’s resolution. This is not new for BN.

Dear Pakatan leaders try to be patient; people of Malaysia and Perak need you in this critical and crucial hours. If you are still enthusiastic to hold the rally, please watch out of your delivering speech tonight!

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Roy said...

Yes, I agree with you. Maybe the Babi Negara (BN) through Najis will use ISA. The reason - all Pakatan Rakyat leaders life not safe and police must ensure their safety. It is normal for Najis & his team to use this reason. They have used it before.