Feb 20, 2009

Uthayakumar, Malaysian Indian always with you!


Mr Uthaya is now suffering from Diabetes, high blood pressure and also fractured toes. Due to the fractured toes, doctor advised him not to walk. This cruel government trying to kill him silently. The refusal of the police and prison authorities to provide him proper treatment, and not removing sugar from his diet, shows that the authorities are trying to ' finish' him off in detention. No proper treatment given to his fractured toes makes the situation worst.


As we know, his contribution towards Indian community in Malaysia undeniable, the whole world knows that Malaysian Indian under marginalisation since HINDRAF mass rally on 25 November 2007. Lets we all not forget his sacrifices for us.

Knowing that he would be arrested under ISA, thus he left two parting videos for his supporters. In the video Uthaya thanked HINDRAF supporters for their support and reminded them to be peaceful and not to resort to violence. He was arrested under Internal Security Act (ISA) in December 13, 2007, along with M. Manoharan, V. S. Ganapathy Rao, K. Kengadhadran and T. Vasantha Kumar.

Mr. Uthaya was brought up in Kelantan, where 99 percent of the population is Malay. He also wore a pin of the Malaysian flag on his blazer during his student times, despite the fact that his friends poked fun at him. Another interesting story about him, he revealed that he had a Malay girlfriend for five years, but because he had to convert to Islam to marry her, it forced him to go his separate way.

When Mr. Utaya started his legal firm, he placed a Malaysian flag on his working desk. That show how patriotic he was. He also stated that he had no problems with the Malay people as much as he had problems with the UMNO led government. He took off the flag that he put on nhis working desk after the Kampung Medan incident because;

“I believe that as much as I want to be Malaysian, the Malay majority Muslim do not want me as a Malaysian, they do not recognize me as a Malaysian, and they do not accept me as a Malaysian”

We are clear on why Mr.Uthayakumar has lead Malaysian Indian to fight for rights with the name of HINDRAF, the main reason should be when the government not respecting and continuously neglecting the equal rights and opportunity of the minority. May God protect he and all ISA detainees from evil and harm! Threat Mr Uthaya in proper way, give him the rights of receiving good medical treatments! Struggles continue......

Watch this video:


murai77 said...

I am a Malay and i am a Muslim.

I feel sorry for Mr Uthayakumar.

My deeply sympathy for him and fellow others ISA detainees.

Maybe Indian community in Malaysia especially Hindraf's members should learn and understand the unique of Malaysia that cannot be compared to other country.

The perception has been wrong to Indian community since the Hindraf's action through pass 2 years.

If you can understand, of course the government will absolutely ban Hindraf since the incident in Batu caves.

I myself also had an experience when Hindraf's member block road and disturb all the cars passed.

There is no way in Malaysia, you can bring justice if you act such way.

I myself personally do not agree with what Hindraf's act merely like gangsters.

I do have good Indian friends, we help each others, we laugh, we chat and we respect each others.

I don't really like to what has happen to Malaysia.

Where is the unity and peace?

Is this country which we want to pass to our children?

I suggest to Indian community to think and fight for your right in a better manner.

We are Malaysian man.

Regards buddy,

Vj said...

What we can do to release him?

vasantarao appalasamy said...

>> Mr Murai77

you said that HINDRAF should fight with better manner, can u elaborate more about that? what u mean by better manner?

we asking for our rights without touching racial sensitivity... i think u know it... so whats wrong?

we protest in peace but UMNO very rude to us.... can you question them on this matter??

we admit that Sulatan is nation's head, BM is national language and Islam is official religion... so hw can u say we are not fighting with good manners?

>> Mr VJ

we must stay united and go for another street demonstrations... I think so... continuously show our protests towards government!

Boss Ketereh said...

"He claimed that Kamunting Detention Camp authorities were including excessive sugar in Uthayakumar’s meals, despite knowing that the latter was diabetic." - malaysiakini

u r true man, silent killing of Uthaya realy happening!

-Boss Ketereh