Feb 13, 2009

What You Think About This Man?

Watch this video:


Hakim said...

what else can we think on him?

In 1998, the government brought charges of sexual misconduct and abuse of power charges against the former finance minister and deputy prime minister, Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar claimed that he was being set up because he had tried to turn corruption and nepotism into major political issues, with Mahathir and his associates as the targets.

Mahathir's supporters believe that it was Anwar's attempt to replace Mahathir as the Prime Minister, upon seeing the downfall of Indonesia's Suharto, that has led him to be removed from politics altogether.


The mastermind of racist. The mastermind of getting indians in big shit as we are now. and the only mastermind that until now thinks he is above the law. Idiot fellow!!!


now, we can see what r happening in our nation nowadays. lately, racial issues becoming worse and worse among malaysians..
this must not happen in our cuntry. we have to thank to God for what we have now..therefore, please stop about raising this racial issues and other political issues which might cause our people(Malaysians) towards ununity status..
please become as one race, that is as nation's citizen (BANGSA MALAYSIA)!!!
thank u...

murai77 said...


after 1998, his name spoiled by bunch of people that forgot what had he brought to the country for 22 years.

People can only remember bad things but forgot the 22 years memory.

vasantarao appalasamy said...

of course lar bro!

we need to look forward not backward!