Apr 28, 2009

Bumiputra Term in Malaysia is Similar to Apartheid in South Africa

Apartheid was an official policy of racial segregation formerly practiced in the Republic of South Africa, involving political, legal, and economic discrimination against non-whites. Bumiputera or Bumiputra is a Malay term widely used in Malaysia, embracing ethnic Malays, Javanese, Bugis, Minang and other indigenous ethnic groups such as the Orang Asli in Peninsular Malaysia and the tribal peoples in Sabah and Sarawak automatically denying the rights of other minorities including Malaysian Indians and Chinese

On the 1st of March 2009, Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat commented that the term “bumiputera” is racist and prevented other races from receiving government aid. Nik Aziz’s remarks was made in response over extreme criticisms and threats from UMNO against statement made by Democratic Action Party’s Dr Boo Cheng Hau, the opposition leader in Johor where Dr Boo was reported to have compared “bumiputeraism” with apartheid.

Whats wrong if we compare “bumiputeraism with apartheid? If bumiputera are entitled to special privileges, of course for sure the word bumiputera is racist, of course bumiputera means apartheid. Lets me clarify you that the term 'bumiputera' by itself is actually not racist but to say that only Malays Muslim are bumiputera then it is racist. Bumiputera means 'son of the soil' - aren't we all, the different races, who were born in Malaysia, the son of the soil? So all of us, regardless of race, who were born here are bumiputera! Only foreign immigrants we can call them as Non- bumiputras.

I've just done little research on the word "Bumiputra". The word "Bumiputra" is made up of two Sanskrit words - "bumi" meaning "earth" and "putra" meaning "son". The word is used in the Hindu holy books Mahabarata and Veda. Each time the Muslim UMNO Malay calls himself a "bumiputra", he is actually reciting a Hindu word (note: Sanskrit is the language of Hinduism and is not a language used in communication by people). It is weird that a Hindu word is being used to define a Muslim group for the un-Islamic practice of discrimination on the basis of race.

Peace always be with you Tok Guru. Thank you for enlightening us with your wisdom, and I do hope that those sick people of UMNO will take your words like true gentlemen. Tok Guru, you are my greatest Hero in the whole of Malaysia. You are one great leader that I really would love to meet one day. You are the most humble man here in Malaysia. We are all Malaysians, so all should be the same, so scrap out the all the craps about bumiputras. May god bless Tok Guru with good health!

There is hope for all Malaysians; racism has ruled/ruined Malaysian for far too long. Let's forget our race, a poor Rakyat can be a Malay, Chinese, Indian or any other races. Race does not matter, if you are poor you are poor. Let's give equal opportunities to all Malaysians.



useful article...

'Poor Law' became a poor law for the poor. they should realize about it... :(

valaiya said...

good article bro.

joshua said...

I respect Nik Aziz for his fair view of things.

I respect this holy man.

Satya Seelan said...

I still can bare with Malays with their special right...as they claim to be underprivileged.


What i cant take is when Indonesian gets their PR...They are also considered as a bumiputra.

I can bare with Malays getting special rights as you can still consider this to be their country but..... Indonesians?....come on la

Special rights for foreigner with a PR but 2nd class treatment for a citizen of a country. It's one of a kind. I guess it only happens in one place. MALAYSIA BOLEH :)

Anonymous said...

The legal and economic advantages were intended to reduce the economic dominance that was traditionally held by ethnic Chinese and Indians. Some argue that the advantages afforded to bumiputras are said to border on outright racism. For example, it is required that a certain percentage of stock in a publicly traded company must be owned by bumiputras, opening possible abuses by both Malays and non-Malays.

Bumiputras are also traditionally charged less for purchases of real estate property compared to those of other races in Malaysia. However, others argue that the legal and economic advantages were necessary for Malaysia to reduce ethnic conflict and insure that economic opportunity in Malaysia was evenly distributed.

I'm Bumiputra too said...

The bumiputera policy is similar to what the Americans call "affirmative action", but instead of helping the minority, it's helping the majority instead.

And while I do think the policy is doing more good than harm, I think the government shouldn't mess with the education system. The quota system is just plain silly, and I don't see any reason to deny a perfectly good candidate a place, just so a mediocore one can make up the quota.

Malaysia will lose a lot of her more intelligent citizens to countries like Australia, the UK and the US if this continues...

Sakti Arjuna said...

Apartheid is not just about racist..You should do more research on apartheid bro..Referring to Wikipedia is not research..

Apartheid is when the minority take charge of the country and the majority are unable to do anything about it because of several reasons;allies,weapons,finance,and etc..

That is why we dont hear apartheid happening in other countries except South Africa..

Satish said...

I respect Nik Aziz la..he doesn't look like much..but he has brains unlike some other politicians..

As for the bumiputra thing..& even NEP, after 52 years, how much as it benefited them ? Not much at all for sure.

It has only helped the UMNOputra's more than the "bumiputra's".

That is why, to truly achieve something with pride & dignity..& reach success, you have to work for it & not be spoon-fed continuously like a baby.

Bak kata pepatah, fish for your son, & he is full for the day. Teach your son to fish, & he will be full forever.

Anonymous said...

Good day,

Hi, I got your blog address from the IPGM frenster group..

I agree with 'Im a Bumiputra too'..our education system should provide more opportunities to the 'non-bumiputra'..

For me, an individual should be judged, appreciated and treated bcoz of his or her own abilities, talent and good qualities. Not because of his/her race. If I were one of these people, I would feel offended.

What I can see is, the only reason why the Bumiputras do not want to treat the citizen equally is bcoz they simply know, the Malays cannot stand on their own. Bcoz it is apparent that the Chineses and Indians are better than Malays in almost everything.

However, the result of this action does not really help the Malay!It's like, you help a man by giving him a fish. He could live for that day, but if you teach the man how to fish, then he could survive.

But I do realize the fear of Malays. They do have the basis to feel worry with the future of Malays if our education system operate on the equal rule[by looking at the Malays situation,they can hardly survive].

Nevertheless, I could see that, some Chineses and Indians students, they are not willing to share their knowledge with the Malays. Even in my program. Only 1 or 2 of them who are willing to share. Some of them, they only share it in their circle of frenz.

So, the only solution that I can see is, the awareness of appreciating people as an individual should be inculcate to ALL Malaysians. So that, despite of the Malays' weaknesses, the Chineses and Indians would be willing to help the Malays.

I noe that my opinion sounds very racist. I hope you don't mind.

Good day.


vasantarao appalasamy said...

its not about Indians or Chinese to help Malays..

but Malays themselves must work harder to equalize with other races...

why Malays left far from development? blame your own leader first before blaming others... leaders full of corruptions how come able to help their race?