Apr 27, 2009

Third Class Malaysia?


It’s hard to accept the fact that our nation left far behind compare to other developed and developing nations in Asia. In fact, Japan is in first class, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan in second class, poor Malaysia only able to compete with third class nations thus its nothing wrong to call Malaysia as third class nation. Even China and India are chasing Malaysia from behind and currently they are the economic power house in the making in this region.

Statistics shows that Singaporeans, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese richer than us. Why we have failed although our annual fuel/petroleum export income more than RM70 Billion? We have lost the battle to those nations that lack of natural sources. We are now in dangerous zone while facing world economic crisis impacts.


Boss Ketereh said...

Malaysia suppose to be better than Singapore, but now what happen?

our leaders only able to criticise others, but could not compete with them

Boss Ketereh

Anonymous said...

stimulus package are useless! We will witness the failure soon