May 8, 2009

Malaysia’s Hollow Democracy (Part Two) - The "Fear" Days Begin

The most shameful episode in nation’s history happened yesterday. Democracy of people elected representatives completely undermined in the state assembly yesterday, they were physically attacked and the honourable speaker of perak state assembly forcibly removed by authorities. Outside the state assembly, the police arrest of 69 people, including five Members of Parliament and five State Assembly representatives from the Pakatan Rakyat in the police lockdown of Ipoh, was a gross abuse of police powers and the height of irresponsibility.

The monarchy decision has created a constitutional crisis in Malaysia. Now Perak state struggling with two MBs, two speakers, two state secretaries, and two sets of EXCOs. Who responsible for this ongoing crisis? I think you people know the answer. It is obvious that the state assembly cannot function without a fair and just solution to the deadlock. We are extremely clear that the way forward for Perak is to return the right to choose back to the people. The three assemblymen (two charged with corruption, one claimed ill treatments from his party) who helped to prop up the BN government would probably lose their seats if elections are held.


The Sultan of Perak was instrumental in the removal of a democratically elected chief minister previously. While Perak Speaker Sivakumar was forcibly dragged out by the police and staff of the recalcitrant state assembly secretary's staff. The state secretary Abdul Rahman Hasim had instructed the sergeant-at-arms and the assembly secretary to ignore his (Sivakumar's) directives in the assembly yesterday.


The former clerk who defected to be a BN friendly rep used a pepper spray to attack a PR assemblyman yesterday. Hee was made a deputy speaker by her party when there are many more qualified candidates compared to her. Only now people of Perak know the real attitude of Hee. Who is gangster? BN or PR in the Perak State Assembly. The legality of the Assembly is tainted with these actions by BN. Deputy Speaker Hee Yit Fong has no power to take over the role Speaker before V. Sivakumar is removed as a speaker. Police removed V. Sivakumar by force (thus undermining) the power of legislative institute. This is an illegal coup against the power of rakyat. The coup by BN is a black history in Perak and Malaysia.

Since February, we’ve been watching painfully while all these lessons unfolded in Perak and the courts, especially the Federal Court in Kuala Lumpur. Are these the lessons we want our children (future leaders) to learn? Is the improper wrestle in the Perak state assembly the kind of democracy we’ll hand over to future generation?

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vincent said...

“May 7 is the Day of Infamy for Perak and Malaysia”

It’s like the U.S. president Franklin Delano Roosevelt declaring that December 7th, 1941 as a day of infamy for America when the Japanese Imperial Navy bombed Pearl Harbor, bringing World War 2 to the Asia-Pacific region. At the beginning, the Japanese were victorious in their battles until the Battle of Midway when the tide of the war went against them.

Similarly, Zambry & Co. may have been victorious in Perak on May 7th, 2009, but at most, it’s just a Pyrrhic victory for them, because by March 2013, they eventually will have to face what they are afraid of now, which is the ballot box…

hannah chong said...

The days of the Barisan Nasional’s Themocracy (for Them, by Them, for Themselves) cronism politics are numbered. Come 2013, or even earlier, the Barisan Nasional will start to see the beginning of its end. Perhaps, the beginning of the end has started.

But Najib can yet save the day and rejuvenate the Barisan Nasional if he is wise enough to start the damage control. He must begin by dissolving the Perak state assembly.

Isaac Stephen Anthonysamy said...

Is it in the police's jurisdictions to drag a house speaker out from an Assembly? The police should be ashamed of themselves, sending plainclothes policemen to drag V Sivakumar out of his chair.

Two days ago, IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan said that they do not have enough police personnel to combat crimes.

But it's amazing that they were able to send hundreds of police personnel to Ipoh. I do not think the Malaysian police are really concerned over the 'rakyat'.

Anonymous said...


Satish said...

That Hee woman is a joker la..See the picture, does it look like a key chain ?!

She manged to bring in pepper spray(weapon) into the state assembly !!

How was this possible ?! What secuity does the assembly have ?!

Besides, who would show a key chain to another like that ?!

al-Balingi said...

Dear friend,

And for today Hee Yit Fong the Adun for Jelapang claims that the pepper spray is belong to someone else..not hers.

A few days earlier she claimed otherwise. Saying that she didn't spray Aulong's rep. Which one is correct...

Anonymous said...

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