May 31, 2009

Pakatan to Win by 7,000 in Penanti By-Election

Since Barisan Nasional did not field a candidate for this by-election, Pakatan Rakyat that lead by PKR seems like going to win easily by 7,000 votes in Penanti. To prevent the public for forgetting about this by-election, party workers from both Pakatan and independents pushing hard since the nomination day.

Its very clear that independent candidates going to lost their deposits soon. Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau was the best examples of incompetentcy of independents, voters know that Independent candidates not able to deliver much.

Pakatan can deliver a significantly larger majority by winning over some of the fence-sitters. If large voters turnout today, Pakatan's majority will also rise at the same time. This by-election is another prove that Barisan Nasional is in critical condition. I wonder it could survive untill the next General Election.

My early prediction is Pakatan surely to win by 7,000 votes.


Satish said...

Like you said bro, their win was so obvious!

Sometimes I wonder la, why these unknown independent fella's wanna contest ? Do they actually think they have a chance of winning ?

Sad to see RM10k deposit go down the drain.

F**k Aminah said...

what happen to that aminah? 300 votes? oh my…the outcome already proved that the majority is EXTREMELY LARGE…and the question here is Why PKR need to pay her RM80 000 just to remove her from the election??…she dont even has the chance to win the election…Terrible idea from Aminah ..hoho..