Jul 29, 2009

Mokhtar Dahari, R Arumugam, Isa Bakar, Soh Chin Aun, Santokh Singh, Wong Choon Wah, Hassan Sani, Reduan Abadullah... Can we create them again?

‘Anyone who complacently maintains that racism is impossible in their territory is not only wrong but irresponsible.’ FIFA President Sepp Blatter





Malaysia is currently in 157th position out of 190 countries in the FIFA world ranking. Malaysia’s performance worst than Thailand (117th), Singapore (127th), Vietnam (131th), Indonesia (132th), and even Hong Kong (137th) and India (147th). The teams were beating boys for Malaysia, but it's a total different story recently, these teams stand an equal chance to beat Malaysia and some are well above Malaysia's standards. Read FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking.

Why Malaysia’s football gone to the rubbish? The truth is 70’s national team consisted multiracial and competent players. Our team has lots of excellent records that able to proud of. The multiracial team qualified for the 1972 and the 1980 Olympics. Now when look at the players in our national team, all nothing more than a single race players that showing their ‘Beckam’ style hair fashion and playing football like school boys.

We have failed to show those days ‘Malaysian’ team, please don’t sweep racism issue under the carpet. Many of ethnic Indian, Chinese, Sabahan and Sarawakian boys are keeping their dream to play for the nation football team, please fulfill their never-ending dream. In fact, our nation always claim that football is our no 1 sport despite the lousy condition of the national team. Let me tell you the truth that the people in the street look at me a kind when I wear Malaysian national football jersey. Why? Because they lost confident on the national team!

Don’t you remember Mokhtar Dahari, R Arumugam and Soh Chin Aun? R Arumugam tightened the goal box and Soh Chin Aun in solid defense and Mokhtar Dahari’s took part in forward with his sharp attacks, our national team qualified for 1980 Moscow Olympics and also won bronze medal in 1974 Tehran Asian Games. The trio was in the most-feared Malaysian team. Don’t forget that Malaysia was once beaten Arsenal when Mokhtar scored twice to overcome the English club. Along with Shukor Salleh, Santokh Singh, Wong Choon Wah, Hassan Sani, Chow Chee Keong, Reduan Abadullah, Isa Bakar, Bakri Ibni, Lim Teong Kim, the Malaysian team was among the best in this region.

Since then Malaysia have never had a team which came close to the passion, drive and hunger to emulate the success of the 70’s national team. Now our nation team even couldn’t qualify for the Asian cup by appears as beaten boys for Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Football is to unite multiracial Malaysia, don't use it as a tool to depress the minorities! Admit that minorities are Malaysian too, give them chances to deliver their talent in the national team.

I hope my sincere message reach FAM, I wrote this article because I’m a true Malaysian that love football very much. Immediate reformation needed if we wish to see our national football team shines again as it was in 1970s and 1980s.







Anonymous said...

Before we even think of winning the World Cup, we have to learn to keep beating teams like Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar n Vietnam, REGULARLY.

So we have to UNLEARN our habit of LOSING to them REGULARLY.

Maybe that could happen when Malaysia has sent an angkasawan to land on Enceladus, the minor moon of the planet Saturn recently reported to possess the basic ingredients for life.

I think once we thoroughly assessed n determined the mental toughness, or UNtoughness, of the current crop of Malaysian footballers, we'll just require 5 minutes to pack up his bags n leave.

DEVA said...

To any footballer in this country - if you hope to stand out in an ever growing field of Asian football greats ( and none from Malaysia ), then you should be improving yourself in every aspect of the football -not just wait for your coach to train you or give you instructions. I still have hope that at least one or two youngsters would actually come out good - this flickering and fast fading hope, that is all I have left for Malaysian football.

To the authorities of football, money is the root of decay for Malaysian football. It is the cancer that has terminally killed our national team. If you really are sincere about bringing a real change to the football standard in this country, take out the money from the equation and I guarantee you that you will have team that will do the country proud

Munir Simpang said...

In Malaysia, race always provides the starting point when searching for an answer to the nation’s ills. It is tragic that race explains so much, from the decline of the economy, the number of non-Malay students attending universities overseas to the state of ethnic tension.

While using race as an explanation means that it can sometimes corrupt the analysis as much as the state policies and the racial chauvinists being criticised, it would be naive to ignore it, to think that mentioning race is distinctively ungenerous and worsens the social gloom. Leaving out race is to leave out the foundation of the Malay-dominated state, its ideological violence, racism, and repressive measures.

Take Malaysia’s Bumiputra policy. Bumiputra is a range of state-driven strategies, implemented in the 1970, designed to defuse inter-ethnic tensions and eradicate poverty among ethnic Malays by giving them preferential benefits—non-ethnic Malays are minorities in state run universities, for example. Everything starts from this racial divide, and few can escape from it—not UMNO Youth leader’s hoary cry for racial supremacy, not Malaysian football.

Anonymous said...

‘Anyone who complacently maintains that racism is impossible in their territory is not only wrong but irresponsible.’

that's true!

vasantarao appalasamy said...

I believe all of us, football loving Malaysians are getting a bit impatient with the state of Malaysian football.

I can understand ur sentiments, a team with racism surely cant perform!

Anonymous said...

no Vasan. it think we should reform the FAM instead of reforming the team...

Chee Yeong said...

Please check out the blog for info and trailer to the new upcoming mini series titled '10' that will be airing in September 2009 on Astro Citra. It's a story about the Selangor football team and set in the early 80's.

It is exactly what you are talking about!


ivan ooi said...

hi bangsa malaysia...

may i know how can i get high resolutions of these images as i'm currently doing a final year project research on these great football legends...

i hope you could assist me in getting these images...

best regards,


SiA said...

hv to wait the top people in-charge of m'sia football retired or die, and replace by good management, then we will get a GOOD football team... a pure 1Malaysia Football Team.

zorro said...

I linked to your post in my tribute to Isa Bakar,Yes those were the days.

Anonymous said...

The last photo is not of Arumugam. If I'm not mistaken, it's Dollah Kassim of Singapore. Arumugam is the goalkeeper in the second photo.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I think I wrote earlier that the guy in the third photo was Dollah Salleh. It should be Dollah Kassim of Singapore.

fampukimak said...

the chinese need to blame themselves because they don't want to play football. just look in singapore. 74% chinese population. most of the players in singapore national team are still the malays. the rest are ang mohs & niggers

Anonymous said...

i'll give u a middle finger to you for saying that. Chinese don't wanna play football? please ask the malaysia government first before saying anything.

Anonymous said...

very interesting, thanks