Jul 27, 2009

PPSMI: Students View

Most of the students prefer English than Malay. So rather than decide for their own pleasure, the government should get opinion from students. Watch this video:


Vinod said...

May 24 2008, 08:31 AM
The Sultan of Pahang has been Malaysia's football head for more than 20 years. And I have seen nothing but failure upon failure in Malaysian football under his leadership. Not to mention the problems of corruption, bribery and match-fixing in Malaysian football under Sultan Ahmad Shah leadership.

The Sultan of Pahang should step down. His leadership is a failed leadership. And he has not been able to solve the problems. Malaysian football is in the gutter as far as international standards are concerned. We're ranked a lot lower than many countries whose names have never been heard by most Malaysians...like St Nevis and Kitts, St Vincent and the Grenadines, etc!! All under the Sultan's leadership.

I have nothing against the royal institution, I'm a staunch supporter of constitutional monarchy system of Malaysia, especially so being a Malay. But I think the Sultan should step down after more than 20 years of failed football leadership. I think it's not suitable for a Sultan or a titled royalty to head any sporting body because nobody will dare criticize, let alone condemn him, for failed policies.

I remember Datuk Dr Fazil Che Wan being publicly condemned, ridiculed and criticized in the media for his failed leadership in badminton, eventually forcing him to step down and being replaced. Malaysian badminton since then improved by leaps and bounds, including beating China and Indonesia. But it was easy to handle Fazil Che Wan because he is a commoner. But can you treat the Sultan of Pahang the way you treat Fazil Che Wan? Definitely cannot!! So, Malaysian football will continue to suffer under a failed leadership until somebody really speaks up..

S.Pabitra said...

Well as a student that learnt M3 & SC in BI, i think the next generation of students is facing a big loss. The main problem for this issue is that the bumiptera's never try hard enough to understand the langguage. No offence, there are Indians and Chinese that have the same issue but really, you can do anything if you really put your haert and soul in it. Stop making excuses that you can learn M3 AND SC just because it is your second language or what-so-ever.

I also want to mention that we are studying BI as long as we are studying BM. If you're saying that it's your second language, than please think about your fellow Indian and Chinese students. Some of us only uses our mother-language at home and have to study both BM and BI. But, how come most of us can score pretty well for both languages? Even in my school, those high-scorers for BM for all forms are non-Numiputera's.

The truth may hurt but accepting it and taking lessons from it is part and parcel of life. I just hope that our government will realise it soon enough to stop from destroying the next generation of leaders. Tepuk dada, tanya minda.

vasantarao appalasamy said...

yes Pabitra, non Malays too facing the problem.. but the Malays hard to overcome it and non Malays can adapt with any condition...

why? as you said the Malays never try hard enough!