Oct 31, 2009

1Malaysia? I don’t understand.........

Each day, 1Malaysia slogan echoing the RTM station, but I’m sure that no one know the actual meaning of 1Malaysia. ‘Salam 1Malaysia’ becomes one of the most important greeting after all. See how this 1Malaysia is so inspiring, but what is 1Malaysia actualy?

Honestly, many of Malaysians confused by such concept. Or am I one an dthe only citizen out of 27 million Malaysians don’t understand about this concept? Actually I was shame to ask, but now I think I need to ask this, like a Malay proverb says ‘Malu bertanya sesat jalan’. Since this concept is not proper explained to all of the Malaysians, so it’s nothing wrong to ask what it is all about.

From the day onwards the 1Malaysia launched by our PM, I’m keep asking myself what is it actually? If so 1Malaysia is all about unity, but why we have divided school system? If 1Malaysia is all about equality, why raced based policies and system still exist? The outdated systems and policies which racially victimise the minorities still haunting Malaysia even though after more than 52 years of independent.

So, 1Malaysia is for what, for the politician’s personal political agendas? I hope the politicians never think that they can win over people’s heart with just a slogan and I always hope that the people also won’t easily fall into the political traps.



I need to be anonymous or else ISA waiting for me said...

“Let’s break away from operating in the ethnic prism as we have done over so many years. This is also the meaning of the 1Malaysia concept.

"We must respect each other, go beyond tolerance and build trust among each other and build trust between various ethnic groups,” state news agency Bernama quoted Najib as saying.
Another excellent speech by Najib.
Each time he opens his mouth,
Little nuggets of 1Malaysia will pour out.
Yet all are rhetorics without clear substance.
What is and what is not 1Malaysia.

Najib reminds us to get out of ethnic mental silo.
When there is an accident, don't ask Indian or Malay?
Is that important what race?
Does it matter if the driver is Chinese?

So good in the speech...
Then the next day Utusan Malaysia will warn...
An article Malay Arising.
The ethnicity is expounded to its extreme.
Don't question Malay Supremacy???
Don't question Malay's special privileges???

Immediately we're back to ground zero.
Utusan Malaysia talks about Malay's hak keistimewaan.
Do you notice that that privileges not explained in details???
No concrete terms - just another slogan.

It follows by attacking non-Malays for asking too much...
Again, so very abstract...don't know what they are referring.
Nothing concrete or clear examples of what is asking too much.
Except reminding us about Thailand - a veiled reference to May 13.

Historical realities and social contracts -
Another phrase that Utusan Malaysia like to use without explaining more.

How far back are you willing to go back in history?
Indians and Hinduism = they were already making impact and left their footprint in this country...
even before Parameswara escaped to Malacca.
Parameswara himself was an Hindu prince from Palembang, Sumatera - he was not a local Malay boy.

Historical realities - Bugis came to Peninsular as pirates.
In Malaysia a Bugis is labelled as Malay, but in their homeland - Indonesia, Bugis is not a Malay.
In Malaysia, you have people who came from Jawa - here there they are labelled as Malay.
But in Jawa, they are still Javaness - not a Malay.
They are different tribal stock....in Malaysia they are all lumped as Malay.

What historical realities are we talking about???

As early as the sultanate days, Chinese came by hundreds or thousands -
A Chinese princess Hang Li Po married a sultan - did they have children???
The people in Malacca had Chinese blood.
The Chinese settled down in Malacca during this period, and many inter-married.
The Malays had Chinese blood.
The Baba and Nyonya had Malay blood.
Why don't we get the forensic scientists to prove the blood ties???

Social contract - what is this document???
Where is this document???
I have not seen one, have you???

I ask Utusan Malaysia to print the social document in their newspapers -
Please print original one without interpretation or comments.
I give 24 hours otherwise social contract is hearsay and no such thing.
A political ploy to deceive the Malays in kampongs.

1Malaysia - Najib says don't talk about race.
Utusan Malaysia will remind Najib the next day about Ketuanan Melayu
and NEP - pro Malay affirmative action policy...

Once again, what is 1Malaysia????
Slogan without substance will die a quick death
and be cast into dust-bin.

Chong Tat said...

If Najib really means business in his One Malaysia, he & his cabinet must immediately propose a law for Anti-Discrimination /Anti-Segregation /Civil Rights /Civil Equality to Parliament and enforce it seriously. Most developed countries have this kind of laws. If without any clear laws and policies to back up this One Malaysia, it is just plain slogan and rhetoric.

But honestly, how many Malaysian will believe that Najib and his team can do this most honorable task for Malaysia? We, Malaysian have a dream…. But is Najib the man? Is he has anything it take to be like Rev. Martin Luther King jr. ? No need for me to say any further….

jonathan ong said...

1Malaysia has become a brand. Nothing more. 1Malaysia F1 team, 1Malaysia camp, even Telekom ads have 1Malaysia logos on it. Actions speak louder than words. Unless the government eradicates discriminative polices, then 1Malaysia means nothing to me