Nov 5, 2009

Again... MIC is the main problem to Malaysian Indian......

After more than 5 decades, MIC has failed to address the problems of Malaysian ethnic Indians. Furthermore, MIC frequently claims that they are the only party that struggling for Malaysian Indians, but in reality so far it has only cheated millions of Malaysian Indians money and shares.

MIC lost people trust due to bad performance under its leaderships over the deacades, it started to get cheap publicity by doing many useless political dramas. When there are thousands of problems facing by Malaysian Indians nowadays, MIC seems like ignorance of the problems and continuously relies on those political dramas to recover popularity back from the people.

Last month in Selangor, a 4D datuk temple demolished by the authorities, MIC slammed the authorities for what had happened. In fact, that 4D datuk temple is not for devotees to pray but for gamblers to predict the 4D numbers. MIC only can defend for nonsense things, this clearly shows well MIC's stupidity. We Malaysians definitely don’t want such leaders and also the party.

Another case that recently happened was when MIC politicize a Tamil school in Selangor. Watch the video below, you will understand why I hate MIC.

Watch this:


Anonymous said...

tahu pun kau.. MIC ni macam p***mak!

dah lar keling... macam pariah

Arivu Ananthan said...

Political drama will get people victimized. Indians must urge MIC too stop they favorite political game. Let something good happen to chnage the fate of tamil schools in Malaysia. Let it begin with SJK(T) MIDLANDS. Bro, please kindly remove the comment above.