Jan 2, 2010

Bangsa Malaysia hope for 2010: Happy New Year 2010

A lot of thing I learnt since I started to blog. I wrote my personal view on nation’s politics, education, sports, leadership, economy and several other fields, eventually received a lot of feedback from readers, some of them supported me and another group of them criticised and screwed me indeed. I begin New Year with new hope for my beloved Malaysian.

In conjunction with New Year, I have list of hopes to change Malaysia to be the best. I'm confident that most of the Malaysians hope as well same with mine. Truly speaking, Malaysia left out far from the developed nation status. We owned third class facilities and mentalities, not much things to proud of. Our leaders love to blame others, instead learn from the first world nations.

In year 2010, same as previous years I hope dramatic changes on our,

Politics and electoral system:

  • two party system solid coalitions of (BN-PR), proven effectiveness in United States, Britain, and Canada, has proven system's effectiveness
  • more clean and transparent Election Commission
  • emphasis people’s need first before party ideology


  • single school system agreed by all (without effecting mother tongue)

  • abolish quota system bring again merit system

  • higher education students allowed to involved in politics

  • problematic and racist teacher needs to be suspended and punished according to their disciplinary misbehaves


  • reform national football team again as it was in 70’s and 80’s with a bag of multiracial players

  • hope to see more world champions for example Lee Chong Wei and Nicol David


  • its doesn't matter lead the nation, must be fair and give equal rights to everyone despite the diversity of race and religion
  • not only take care of their and family members and cronies


  • abolish Internal Security Act (ISA), the law that haunting social activist, opposition leaders and race based organization leaders from time to time
  • abolish other act as well, including AUKU and OSA
  • judiciary system must stay apolitical, uncorrupted and unbiased


  • special plan by government to eradicate poverty
  • fuel price strictly follow the world price
  • government must stop waste taxpayers money and nations wealth on unprofitable projects and expends
  • old budget updated immediately in subsequent to the world economic crisis

Security and enforcement:

  • take action on policeman who abuse their power
  • immediately suspend authority who proven involved in corruption
  • set up special squad to reduce and combat crime rate in the affected housing area
  • police to stop their brutality towards people


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2Lt Peh Hoo Guan said...

Not to forget Defence bro...

More fund for defence technology research.

Boost up local defence industry.
more transparent millitry asset procurement.

Evaluation of millitary assets by truly proffesional and qualified officers.

promotion and publicity of armed service to attract more non-bumiputra especially chinese and indians to join in.

Forming up Reserve Army companies in every districts.

Form up Reserve Air Force in air ports and air craft maintenance private company for the membership of commercial pilots and aircraft engineer.

Put ATM directly under Agong's control.

More power of Millitary Police to nab and jail officers and other ranks according to Armed Forces Act 1972.

More attractive education scheme for millitary personnels.

More involvement of Armed Forces in Projek Jiwa Murni with civilians

More tight security in the millitary base and operational area.