Oct 9, 2010

When oil and gas dried up in our land... Have you ever imagined?

Due to Malaysia’s heavy dependence on oil and gas, the economists predict that our nation will received a high impact on economy when earth stop provides the natural resources. According to the World Bank, our country is too reliant on the oil and gas to generate our economy. Read further about Malaysian economy: Economy of Malaysia

This is meaning that we have no back ups to recover our economy during the time we lost the biggest income of the nation. Our leaders never had thought that one day the oil will dry up and they need to do something to save our economy. By broaden our economy rather than depending on the natural resources, we can minimise our risk to flop as a ‘bankrupt nation’.

The wasting of money to develop F1 cars, new palaces, submarines, helicopters and so on will
further risk Malaysia in near future. Our government should wisely spend Petronas income by focusing on the economy and to facilitate the people by providing better schools, roads, bridges, hospitals, temples, mosques, and other positive developments.

The report by World Bank also stated that about 40% of the country’s revenue is from oil and gas. Hope our leaders craft new plan to face upcoming possibilities, perform an immediate revision on World Bank’s report. Our leaders must take full responsibility on this matter and do something before it’s too late.

What our former finance minister says about our economy? Watch this video:

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