Sep 30, 2008

Death of a Warrior: J B Jeyaretnam 1926-2008

'Come, walk with me, let us walk together... for peace, justice, truth... fearing no one except God'

The legendary Singapore opposition icon, Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam, better known as JBJ, passed away early this morning of a heart failure. After having left the Workers Party, he had just formed the Reform Party to mount a new challenge to PAP dominance. He was the interim secretary general of the party.

He was Singapore’s Mr Opposition, having broken the PAP’s 15-year monopoly in Parliament in the Anson by-election in 1981, winning 52 per cent of the votes to become Singapore’s first opposition MP.

Jeyaretnam was Singapore's best known and most dogged opposition leader who fought a lone battle against the powerful ruling establishment despite being driven to bankruptcy.

Rest in peace, JBJ. You have fought the good fight; you have completed the race.


Puravin said...

A sad day indeed...its a loss of a true fighter....

I wonder if there is anybody left as strong and bold as him who could challenge the forces that be in Singapore.

Only time can tell :)

Peace be with him.
Om Nama Sivaya

Puravin said...

Legendary Singapore opposition icon indeed!