Sep 23, 2008

Mr.Lim: Don't Kill My Child!

What you think? Should Mr.Lim send his child to NS?

I read the news about National Service. The National Service (NS) Department ordered Mr.Lim's child to attend the program. But Parents refused to NS stint after son’s death.

Lim Geok Kim and his wife Meng Yeok are still mourning the loss of their son Ricky who died after completing his three-month national service stint recently. They are traumatised at the thought of their only surviving child, Jane, 17, being selected to undergo NS training and are adamant not to let her go after found out from the NS website that Jane was selected for training. They are not going to push their luck this time. Mr Lim and his wife want their child to stay with at home no matter if the authorities want to take action on them. In whatever situation he will never let his daughter to go for the program.

Although they do not blame the authorities for the son’s death, the couple said they could not risk losing Jane. Ricky, 20, had returned after his NS training on Sept 6 and died on Sept 15. The SMK Catholic High student did not complain of any illness or pain prior to his death but he did complain about the camp’s hygiene and yellowish water supply.

I have carried out a survey on this in my blog months ago by have creating a poll in my blog. 87 visitors have voted on the poll entitled “SHOULD GOVERNMENT ABOLISH NATIONAL SERVICE PROGRAM?”. From the result, most of the voters want something to happen on the National service, either to reform or to abolish.

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