Sep 24, 2008

From 36th to 47th

A lot of promises made by federal government lead by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to reduce the corruption rate. But whats happening now? Malaysia slips further in corruption rankings since 2001. We have dropped 11 ranks from 36th to 47th in the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), its clearly shows that there has been no improvement in the perception of corruption. Until today, there are still many promises made by authorities to stamp out graft and bribery. Malaysian citizens are sincerely hoping that there will be a better future for their children and the situations change very soon. Proper action must be taken immediately to stop this "disease"!

Destroy corruption before it started to destroy our nation!



townguy said...

promise stay as promise ,

Puravin said...

Interesting clearly shows we are doing well in something.... Malaysia Boleh! :)

h0cmun said...

clearly there was improvement during the earlier years, and who praised him for the improvement?

and why are we pinning on him so hard now when it deteriorate?
I think it is all our responsibility as well to stop corruption.

Did you offer bribe to the police when they want to saman you?
Think for yourself.

Did the contractors offer benefits to whoever ministers in order to get the job?

Prime Minister cannot control us, in the end, it is the greedy human being who can stop corruption.
We just need to be more human I say.

Satish said...

corruption n inflation just seem 2 b rising...

d only thing dat is going down is BN's popularity

Anonymous said...

Co-operation To Bankrupt The Nation (Corruption)!!!
detect the co-operation and remove it from Malaysia immediately!

izzat said...

i believe after this our pm will come out with the statement

"we don't have to judge our level of corruption by that result of CPI. Just look as what we had just now."

just waiting what our government will say about this matter.