Sep 13, 2008

The Warning of Ops Lalang 2


A blogger, journalist and politician have been detained under ISA. Police said that arrest was made under Section 73(1) of the Act. I believe these arrests made due to the plan of power transition of opposition. This incident could be similar to Operasi Lalang 1987. Internal Security Act which allows for the arrest of any person without the need for trial in certain defined circumstances. Before this, ISA used to detain opposition leaders who constantly against the government.

Political analysis insisted that they worried about BN which ashamed in March 8 General Election and currently facing the threat of Anwar’s take over plan is now organising new strategies to stop Opposition’s efforts to form new federal government. BN may launch a mass arrest of the opposition leaders toward their political survival.

PM who received pressure from UMNO leaders to hand over power earlier than which scheduled in the middle 2010, forced to use this strategy to stop the political progress of opposition. The use of ISA also creates fear among Malaysia who still haunted by May 13 riots and Ops Lalang, the mass arrest to crack down opposition leaders and social activist.

ISA opposed by most of the Non Government Organisations (NGO) and human rights activist. They urge the law repealed to respect the human rights. Opposition leader Anwar stated that the use of ISA for detention without trial is totally against the human rights and labeled it as “Brutal and No Ground”.

I urge all Malaysians including Malay, Chinese, Indian, Sabahan, Sawarakians and etc. Please stay united in whatever situation and don’t provoke each other to worsen the current Nation’s condition. It’s important to calm on the sarcasm by the government to avoid the emergency ordinance that they are waiting for. I believe they are forced to announce the ordinance due to the pressure that being received so far.

கூடி வாழ்ந்தாள் கோடி நன்மை




Sze Jia said...

Very true Vasant, Malaysians should UNITE now.

subhas said...

from this we come know that ..the bn govement will going to `END`.i think this kind of matter will make more anger to the our malaysian chainese which is the leader who is making racist problem was suspended for 3 year .The lady who is making the report was arrested under `ISA` This arestment was not fare at all.

From this statement we come to know y ahmad was taking his 3 years suspend with so happy and he was said that agree with our PM decision. Anyway we should stay united.

Anonymous said...

Have the ISA been used to target the political opponent of the government? No, (i think).. even though it may be by coincidence (sarcastic smile) the person may be a politician, politician doesn't hav license to act against the law or to jeopardise and undermine the country security.

Vj said...

People will start blaming Abdullah. When things gets out of hand, UMNO will easily kick Abdullah's ass out of PM chair. I guess Abdullah don't know his own people setting him up or he had been cheated to sign approve the order. Can smell Dr.M's rotten hand in these ISA crackdown.

Reporter arrested to make Chinese angry and come down to street. Very obvious. MCA their barking dog barking just for show. If they really concern, out of BN now. Let BN sink forever.

Thiruvarasan said...

Sze Jia, as u stated Malaysia is facing crucial moment now, so we must be unite in this time

mugilan (kanna) said...

where is Ahamad Ismail?
No ISA for him?
why this double standard?
Is Ahamd Ismail statement not seditious?
why he only suspended for three years?

vasantarao appalasamy said...

@mugilan (kanna) - you r rite, Mohd Ismail must be "awarded" to ISA..

Anonymous said...

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