Oct 17, 2008

You May Stop HINDRAF, But Not Our Struggle!


Why????? Why there is no room for democracy in Malaysia? We struggled for our rights; we are not terrorists as you have classified us so far. We, Malaysian Indian have fundamental rights too to defend our temples, schools, cultures, language and so on. Rather than banning HINDRAF, our problems should be addressed and proper action must be taken. Banning is not the only solution; you can ban our HINDRAF, but not our struggle to Malaysian Indian betterment. The fires of 25 Nov 2007 still burning with flames in every Malaysian Indians heart. Even our beloved Prime Minister will cry if he sit with us sincerely listen to our problem.


It is about the wish to be treated equally and to be given a fair share of opportunities in the civil, business and education sectors as well as the need to respect our places of worship in terms of indiscriminate demolitions. We did not ask for Prime Minister Post, we did not even touch “Malays special rights”, but we demand for our rights. Why you can’t fulfill this simple demand? Is that we are making baseless demand that until you need to suffer the lost of your 2/3 parliamentary majority and five states in the general election? You may have won comfortably if you deal with our problems professionally and efficiently.

Yes, we were brought to Malaysia by colonial British as normal estate labours, but we have contributed and currently still contributing to Malaysia in every sector until today. From rubber estates, oil palm estates to the construction works we shed our tear and blood. We have a great numbers of Malaysian Indian that making Malaysia to proud of them- communication tycoon Anandakrishnan, former “Asia Sprint King” Dr M Jegathesan, Air Asia owner Tony Fernandes, Mount Everest climber Mahendran, and Mohandas, 1998 Commonwealth gold medalist S.Saravanan and I have a long list here. They are “Anak Bangsa Malaysia”; the patriotism in between their heart inspired them to create history for beloved Malaysia definitely.

We contributed in every sector including economy, sports and education along with other races in Malaysia. Why we are not recognised as a rightful citizen? Aren’t we Malay, Chinese, and Indian are under umbrella of Malaysia flag? Is it too hard to treat us equally? There are a lot of organisations which race based and struggling for their race betterments. We as well have HINDRAF to hope on; you banned HINDRAF without dealing our problems. You detained our our heroes in ISA. If you are the true leaders you should brave to meet our heroes face to face and lay out the problems decently with integrity.

The raise of HINDRAF is because of the failure of MIC to care for Malaysian Indian. We need a safe place for our children, grand children, great grand children….. Again, I would like state that you may stop HINDRAF, but not our struggle! We will struggle to the end till our demand fulfilled!


reshmann said...

Dear Bro,

I am with you.The spirit ignited by hindraf is here to stay no matter what the govt does.After all it's the spirit fighting for the rights of the poor and marginalized.But what dissapoints me is the fact that,we as Indians do not have unity.This is I speak from my experience before I left Malaysia.Infact I was quite dissapointed with some of them esp those Indians who are well educated and well to do.They are so selfish.May be we have to work harder to create the unity amongst us before we fight for the rights of the Indians.Our disunity is being exploited by the racist UMNO regime,and that is our very down fall.The political nature of the Indians had further eroded our standing in society.As long as the Indians fail to decipher the importance of being united like our chinese brethren,I personally feel our society will be doomed.

I wish to reassure our Hindraf brothers and sisters here that,we the overseas Indian Malaysians will be always with all of you.Our prayers and support will never diminish,but please be united,that is the only weapon for us now.May god bless all of you.

Bro,please be free to e-mail me at anytime as I will be more than happy to join you and contribute for the well being of our society,esp for those poor and desperate,in whatever way I can.God bless you.Valge Makkal Sakthi.

sanmugam arumugam said...


Satish said...

Did you guys notice something..

Our home minister Syed Hamid Albar declared HINDRAF illegal & banned it...

How do you declare an organisation that has not been registered and officialy doesn’t exist, illegal ?!

Just so stupid la.

I don't think that HINDRAF was formed to be a 'legal organisation'...I feel it was formed to wake Malaysia up & also get worldwide attention that Malaysia has political problems..which they have succeeded with flying colours.

It's just BN's way to get back at them...if it wasn't for HINDRAF..BN would have most probably the 2/3 majority in the general elections 2008.

Thank you HINDRAF for waking Malaysia up.

SiVa ChAnRu said...

MCA was asking for 2nd position in BN...Will MIC ask for 1?? or still remain the slave for the BN?? To all MIC suporters you are the wrost person I saw in my entire life. You guys are supporting a group of racist people who banned a organisation which fights for Indians. Can MIC organise a rally which can unite all Malaysian Indian??? I bet they can't because we have our sote there doing nothing. Banning of HINDRAF will not only make us indian hate BN more but will also give us the energy and spirit to fight for our rights. HINDRAF kurang ajar u head(to all the person who said so) Khairy lagi kurang ajar I can say. He was like a gorilla escaped from the zoo when Condelesa Rice visited Malaysia. Shouting like an idiot. Why was he not been arested under ISA for spreading how to be rude to other countries visitors?? Owh ya not to forget our Ahmad..No matter what Indians, please stay united. VALGE HINDRAF!!!!

s_malarvili said...

nice post vasan...well done...hope for something great happen for our community :)

valge HINDRAF!!!

Patronus said...

Dear Vasantarao!!..

Brother and Herald of the Reformation!!

Carry on with your good work in these blogs.I am with you till the very death!!

For Indians we live , For Indians we die.

Uyir Manneku,Udal THAMILANUKU!!!

Eugene Sharma

Subhas Chandran.P said...

u r correct bro they should look

Patronus said...

Sorry,typo error
Udal Manneku,Uyir THAMMILANNEKU !!

Anonymous said...

u r correct bro...syed hamid albar must use the brain when ever taking action not using his B**K side to think ..really hurt every indian ...be true to god when ever talking every action ...dont simply la F**Ker will get it da Su**y...

vasantarao appalasamy said...

@reshman - you are very true, we Malaysian Indian are less of unity... lets we build up the unity first before we struggle for our betterment...
Bro i don have ur e-meil.. please sen me if you view my page again..
glad to know you...
HINDRAF valga!

@Satish - actually they wana freeze us to do any of HINDRAF activities... So that they can freely use ISA against us...

@Siva Chanru - i dont think MIC will ask for it bro

@Subash - Lets we pray for the repeal of ISA

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

They can kill the body but not the spirit
The body is physical but spirit is eternal
Mortal body can't outlast the spiritual gambit
The spirit will struggle and fight on what's infernal

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 191008
Sun. 19th Oct. 2008.