Dec 15, 2008

Let University Students to Exercise Their Political Rights

Malaysian government should restore democracy on campuses by repealing or amending the Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA/AUKU) . Students must be given opportunity to take part in democracy processes since universities are supposed to be the place where intellectuals and future leaders are educated.

Higher Education Ministry should have upheld democratic principles are in the campuses rather than tie up students from involving in politics. Be open on student's view and criticism on the politics. The education ministry must function professionally, be transparent, and not use its position to advance a certain political agenda in the universities. University administrations should not allow it to be controlled by any political hidden agendas by operates independently. It’s important not to sacrifice the integrity of the university through the different thought and views of politics among the students and administration.

Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA/AUKU) has been haunting Malaysian University students for such a long time, it's the right time now to repeal or amend the law. Restoring the rights of students will allow students to give their view and opinion on the progression of nation and the administration generally. Let students top train themself to be capable leaders in future. Freedom to voice their opinions on both local and international political issues lead students to build their leadership qualities.

Malaysian parliament must amend the UUCA/AUKU to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of university students. Most of the nation that practice democracy processes tolerate and support the university students to involve in the politics. Why not Malaysia?

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