Dec 20, 2008

Poll Result : What Malaysian Say About the Ban of HINDRAF?

The ban of HINDRAF by Home Ministry drew various types of reaction among Malaysian, and it is still a hot topic to discuss since months ago till today. Some Malaysian agree with the ban and some deny the government’s action. In order to get some response from the Malaysian, I have created a poll to get know what is actually in their mind. A total of 157 voted in the poll on whether HINDRAF should be outlawed or shouldn’t.

Based on the results, we can see 49 out of 138 voted that they are agreeing with government’s action to ban HINDRAF. Its around 31% agreed that the banning of HINDRAF was relevant step by government to end the marginalisation of Malaysian Indian. And there are large number of them voted that government shouldn’t stop the HINDRAF movement. They believe that it’s not a good solution to deal with the Malaysian Indian that claiming that they have been marginalized for more than half century. 108 voters or 68% are those oppose the ban of HINDRAF.

In my opinion, majority of Malaysian supports HINDRAF to be a human right movement to defend the Malaysian Indian from continuously marginalised. This totally rejected accusation of government that HINDRAF is causing racial tensions. Multiracial Malaysia mostly voted to support HINDRAF movement; it’s a clear message that something wrong with the governance system and its policies. Rather than accuse HINDRAF, I believe Malaysian wants government to look at the issue once again and find out what’s wrong in the system.

I think we need a brand new systems or policies that help every Malaysian regardless of race and religion. It’s better to change the government policies that failed to uplift the Malaysian in various sectors. It’s important to satisfy everyone including the race based movements like HINDRAF, ABIM, Dong Jiao Zhong and others. Lets we strive together in same vision and mission. No one can be left out from mainstream development in order to form a competent nation under one umbrella of Malaysian flag.

Hope my messages reach the government. By banning HINDRAF movement, they can’t solve the Malaysian Indian community dilemmas and so to satisfy the non-Indian wish. Then if government doesn’t want to make the U-turn to re-legalised HINDRAF then it must set new plans to end the marginalization of Malaysian Indians as well as other marginalized groups in the country including Malay, Chinese, Kadazan, Dusun, Murut in Sabah, the Ibans, Penans, other minorities in Sarawak and Orang Asli of course.

Thanks for the vote!

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