Sep 17, 2009

Will BN fall as LDP?

Japan’s LDP has been dumped after virtually unbroken rule since 1955. Many political analysts predicting that Malaysia’s Barisan Nasional (BN) going to suffer the same fate as LDP. But, at the same time Utusan Malaysia columnist Mohd Khuzairi Ismail wrote that it’s not right to compare Malaysia Japan’s political scenarios to Malaysia’s. What you think? In fact, past by-election results showing that there are clear signs PR will take over the federal government from Barisan Nasional.

The wind of changes of government in Australia, the very first minority black President in US and now 52 years of rule brokened Japan is good signs for the people. People need changes! Before this, I can say that people in Malaysia are satisfied with what they have at the time and refuse to change things no matter how bad the things is going on. They only know to make noise in tea shops and when it’s come to election, some of them even yet to register as voter. In simple word, they failed to take part in democracy process and have no rights to talk about politics and the future of Malaysia!

Besides that, the fast-rising awareness of Malaysians is pressuring BN to bully the bloggers, political activists and social activist. The truth is revealed everywhere (blogs, web news and etc) and BN refuse to reform. If they continuously denying the desire of the people, people definitely will change them before they change themselves.

Even former premier Tun Mahathir quoted that:
"Corruption is now rampant in UMNO and the other component parties. Power struggles have emasculated them. Leaders have a strong desire to stay in office even though they have outlived their usefulness."
It’s another clear message that BN must change!

Honestly, time is running out for BN, unless they implement some drastic solutions to win back people’s heart. BN has lots more to fulfill- Eradicate corruption, remove all race based policies and systems, open critics from every stratum of citizen, emphasis on economic progress, increase the sports performance and etc. Please don’t find the fault of others, because it will not work, and it only fails our nation building.



Satish said...

BN will definitely fall in time to come. It's inevitable.

What goes up,...must come down ;)

Politicians should realise that the people are their bosses. People don't like, people vote them out.

That's the kind of active democracy we should really have.

Chong Tat said...

r u sure? now ruling party r playing dirty to win over the votes.. 'real-politics' is practiced by them.. no way out bro!