Sep 15, 2009

Seal the vernacular schools

If there are any suggestion to close down vernacular schools, I have to agree for it. But with one condition, please suggest making vernacular subjects such as Tamil and Mandarin as compulsory subject for students at the same time. In the case of Tamil school. each year one by one Tamil school have been closed despite the number of students, and some of students are not get opportunity to learn Tamil because they are not from Tamil school background. In fact, ethnic lost our language and schools too. Although I wrote similar post as this in the previous year, but I need to rewrite my stand on this issue.

Well, some of us definitely will not agree with my stand. But what I'm trying to tell you is we must defend our mother tongue, if Tamil schools really a problem, then it should close down. What’s the point Tamil schools struggling with a lot of problems nowadays. Gangsterism, lack of basic facilities such as classroom, toilet, field and the insufficient of students in estate and rural schools, these are the crisis faced by Tamil schools since 1957.

I love Tamil schools, personally I’m not from Tamil schools but I know the pain when one not get opportunity to start primary education in there. I don't mind the schools closed as long as the Tamil language survives. I learnt Tamil by my own. Sometimes my friends tease me that 'your thaimozhi (mother tongue) is Telugu', I reply them that you must be proud when other people learning your language and label it as their own 'Thaimozhi'. Such a low mentality of Tamils in Malaysia will destroy their own language.

Currently, most of the Tamil students not going to Tamil schools not because they don't love the Tamil language but they don't like the schools surrounding mainly because lack of basic facilities and the problems that I have stated above. If Malaysian Indian not agreeing to close down Tamil schools, then the government should allocates sufficient money and carry out proper strategies to solve the problems today. Pointing out the problem is not the solution, the majority of our Tamil schools no progression since independent and we are moving backward whereas national schools and Chinese vernacular schools are developing tremendously.

Some of the Malaysian Indian parents totally lost confident on Tamil schools. They not satisfied with the Tamil schools condition and surrounding. What they should do? They of course want their children to study in conducive environments, so they change their mind and made decision to send their children to any schools either National schools or Chinese vernacular schools and completely rejected Tamil schools. The long term effect is on our Tamil language and Tamil schools. We must ensure our language survives, so that I don’t mind if vernacular schools removed.

Let me give you an example, Singapore government made Tamil and Mandarin as compulsory subject to all Tamils and Chinese there, they also give additional salaries to the teachers that able to teach Tamil. Tamil is one of their national languages. How about Malaysia? Any plan? No at all! Each year we know that they are some allocation from the government but where the money goes?

I only see few Tamil schools are in good conditions, don’t tell me that ‘we are started to rebrand and structuring strategies for Tamil schools’. Are you making joke? What the hell? After few decades you have just started to look on the Tamil schools?

Close down the schools if no one care about it, but make Tamil (all the vernacular subjects) compulsory to all Malaysian Indian students in Malaysia. Some politician fooling the Makkal (people) by politicizing the Tamil schools, do we need such politician to defend Tamil schools? They are emphasizing on their political agenda more than on Tamil language.

Besides that, if our young generation study in the same school (national school), definitely we can start uniting them from that day onwards by understanding each other! Don’t cheat the people with empty promises! Make sure Malay, Tamil, Mandarin, and other languages survives in Malaysia!


Peng Lock said...

well said!

Ramesh said...

The vernacular school system for the polarised society which caused the poor understanding among Malaysian...

Tthe disunity in the community arose from the different education system and proposed that a single education system be implemented to foster greater unity.