Nov 13, 2009

Tamil Tigers are freedom fighters, not terrorists!

The fact is Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam although they might have retaliated in Colombo for attacks in their homeland. The real terrorist is the Sri Lankan regime that used inhuman methods of tortures, indiscriminate shootings, mass arrests, rape of peasant women and girls. LTTE not exporting terrorism and not a threat to any foreign government except Sri Lanka, thus it is not a terrorism group!


The year 2008 and 2009 brought nothing but misery to the Tamils. Their agriculture, farming, fishing and other economic activities were purposely wrecked by the army. Their homes build by them with their live savings bombed cruelly under the guise of flushing out the Tigers. It was reported in the Tamil daily that more than 57,000 houses had been damaged in Kilinochi alone.

As a result, the Tamil population had been reduced to the status of beggars who depended on relief aid from the United Nations and other NGOs from countries that are sympathetic for the Tamils. Even these NGOs, other than Red Cross, are barred from the warzones of Vanni and Mullaithevu, further sickening the plight of the Tamils.


The cost of the civilians has been documented as follows:
  • Over 100,000 Tamils have been killed
  • Over 28,000 Tamils have disappeared
  • Over 12,600 Tamil girls and women have been rape
  • Over 30,000 women widowed
  • Over 20,000 orphaned
  • Over 1.2 million of Tamils have been displaced (internally and externally)
  • Over 8 billion USD worth of property owned by Tamils has been destroyed

The damages and inhuman acts by Sri Lankan government towards Tigers are most cruel in the world compare to the other major wars and discrimination such as in Bosnia and Palestine. Every human regardless of race and religion should support LTTE for their noble cause. The Tigers (Tamils in Sri Lanka) stand has always been that fighting for survival, dignity and self respects.


Eelam woman said...

Women, Tamil women, have been long subject to oppression of a dual nature.

On the one hand, women comprising a little more than fifty percent of the Tamil people have borne the brunt of the national oppression stemming from chauvinist Sinhala policies.

On the other hand, women have been subject to an internal form of social oppression rising out of male chauvinism. This form of oppression is reinforced by the conservative traditions and some of the cultural norms inherent in the Tamil community. Oppression of women is rampant in the plantation sector where females form half the work force.

Puli (Tamilvanan) said...

Six months after Sri Lanka's decades-old civil war ended with a final assault, about 200,000 people remain trapped in overcrowded government-run camps that were once safe havens for those fleeing the conflict.

Facing pressure from the Obama administration and the European Union, the Sri Lankan government last month launched a campaign to resettle tens of thousands of the minority Tamil detainees. But interviews in the country's war-ravaged north reveal that many civilians have merely been shuffled from the large camps to smaller transit ones and are being held against their will.

Others have been released, only to be taken from their homes days later with no indication of where they have gone.

Anonymous said...


Karunanidhi had done enough for damaging the Tamil society, whether they live in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, South Africa, Mauritius, Singapore, or elsewhere. The Tamils living around the world are grief-sicken after they heard the story of the demise of the LTTE and especially as they feel that they will be treated as slaves because they were having the dream of achieving an independent State for Tamils so that the State will represent them whenever they face any hardships elsewhere. Their desire is for the State to really stand up to support them if they face any hardships in any other country wherever they live.

Tamils around the world no longer trust the future State of Tamil Nadu, as the politicians do not really have the hearts and minds to stand up giving voice when the Tamils anywhere face hardships, and whenever their values are at the mercy of the majority community. Tamil Nadu, as a quasi-federal State of India, has been granted much less autonomy than any other federal system of governments existing, especially in the western countries. The Tamil Nadu State has no power to stand up to save their brethrens, even when the Tamils die in the other States of India. But, the Tamil Nadu politicians did nothing to save the Tamils, even though these politicians are influential and help the government to stay in power in New Delhi.

Puli (Tamilvanan) said...

On November 27th over a million Tamil Diaspora recognize Maveerar Naal as a pledge to carry out the ambitions of the 16,000 soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Tamil Eelam, and to make sure that future generations will never submit to aggressors.

for Tamils, lets remember the day forever...

Anonymous said...

Big Talk,Big Vision,
Its not what have you done for the Tamils,
The question remains,
What have you done as a Tamil?

Im a Malaysian Tamil who is studying in Australia, i have two tutor one is an Australian Tamil and th other is a South African Tamil. What im am trying t say here is you do not have to think big. Think small. 1st fulfill your responsibility as individual. Do your part in your life. Then feel and think for others. The only way Tamil people around the world is going to succeed is through self realization. You cant make a difference in Sri Lanka or India or Malaysia if you fail as an individual. This to me is an apparent trouble Malaysian Indians in whole face. You dont need equal rights you dont need special rights what you need is Trust and Belief. Sri Lankans Tamil who fled t foreign countries have flourished. Its music to my ears to hear a fellow tamilan not of Malaysian decent speak in tamil. Its a soothing feeling to go to a speak to a fellow Tamil in a Diwali morning in a Murugan Temple in Sydney. This is also illustrated in major cities around Europe like France, England, Germany, Denmark.(
So to whoever who reads this comment wake up, stand up and fight
We are all in this together. Alaways remember we are beyond Tamils and Indians we are all in the end Humans.